Thursday, 28th September 2023

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I’m really screwed… The season is over, but ‘first start’ → ‘injury OUT’ in 24 minutes

This season was completely ruined. Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba was in tears after suffering an injury 24 minutes into his first start of the season.

Juventus won 2-0 in the 2022/23 season Serie A round 35 home game against Cremonese held at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy on the 15th (Korean time).

Most notable in this game was Paul Pogba, who only made his first start towards the end of the season. Pogba, who joined Juventus from Manchester United last summer, has spent a lot of time off the field due to a series of injuries.

Shortly after his transfer, he suffered a knee injury and underwent surgery, leaving him out of power for about seven months. He managed to make his comeback at the end of February, but after playing 2 games, he again went down with an injury.

Pogba, who had been lying down for an entire month in March, made a successful comeback on the 14th of last month in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League quarterfinals against Sporting. Since then, he has consistently played as a substitute player and tried to recover his sense of the game, and finally got a chance to start the season for the first time through this game.

However, his first start ended with an injury after 24 minutes. There was no conflict. He suddenly collapsed on the ground alone.

Juventus brought in Arcadius Milik, and Pogba walked off the field in tears and limping.

The length of the absence is not yet known. Juventus’ last game of the season will be the final league match against Udinese on the 4th of next month. If he doesn’t recover within 3 weeks, there’s a very good chance he’ll finish the season as it is.메이저사이트

So far, Pogba has only appeared in 10 matches, including 6 in the league, 3 in the Europa League and 1 in the Coppa Italia. His playing time is only 161 minutes.

It was Pogba who decided to transfer to Juventus without re-contract with Manchester United for more appearances, but this season ended in a fiasco.

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