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‘In an attempt to sexually assault’, indiscriminate assault on the elevator… Victim released video

Last July, in relation to an incident in which a man in his 20s indiscriminately assaulted a female neighbor for the purpose of sexual assault in an apartment elevator in Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, the victim released a video of the incident, calling for the perpetrator to be severely punished. The victim, Ms. A, in her 20s , shared the CCTV footage inside the elevator at the time of the incident on SBS

on the 1st, saying, “I have the greatest desire for the perpetrator to be severely punished, and I hope (such damage) will not be repeated.” In the reported video, when the elevator door opens on the 12th floor of an apartment, the perpetrator, Mr. B, wearing a hoodie and sneakers, gets in and presses the button for the 10th floor. As soon as Mr. B closes the door, she turns around and lunges at Mr. A, who was standing inside, strangling her and assaulting her. Ms. A tries desperately to resist, but she cannot withstand Mr. B, who is over 180cm tall. When the door opens on먹튀검증 the 10th floor, Mr. B drags Mr. A out.

Mr. B, who dragged Mr. A away, attempted to sexually assault him in the hallway, but was stopped by residents who came out after hearing Mr. A’s screams. The two were neighbors who lived in the same neighborhood, but it was reported that they had never known each other. In the incident that day, Ms. A suffered serious injuries, including fractured ribs.

Two months have passed since the incident occurred, but Mr. A is still suffering from trauma. He says it’s so bad he can’t take the elevator. Person A confessed to the media, “(Even now) I feel suffocated and nervous when I ride the elevator with a man,” and “I’m trying to get over it, but it’s hard.”

As similar crimes continued, including the rape and murder incident on a hiking trail in Sillim-dong, Seoul, Mr. A’s anxiety grew. He emphasized, “If someone hadn’t heard my voice and come forward that day, I would have died, too,” and added, “I think we need a (social) safety net and system where people can feel safe.” He also called for severe punishment, saying that the reason such crimes continue to occur is because the sentences are low.

In addition to the charge of rape and injury, the male perpetrator, Mr. B, was also indicted on charges of committing an obscene act in a police station shelter and assaulting a police officer, and is scheduled for his first trial on the 20th. During the police investigation, he confessed that he had decided to commit a crime if a woman was riding alone in the elevator. Mr. B has a history of being punished once on charges of attempted rape even when he was a teenager.

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