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“Is BTS the Moranbong Band?” Opposition to the request for participation in the Jamboree performance

BTS fans are protesting against political demands for BTS to participate in the K-pop concert to be held in Seoul on the 11th, the last schedule of the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree . Criticism continues among the BTS fandom, such as “Are BTS government-exclusive singers?” and “ Is BTS a North Korean Moranbong band?” People’s Power Rep. Seong Il -jong requested on his Facebook page on the 8th, “The Ministry of National Defense hopes to support BTS to perform at the World Jamboree Competition so that they can raise their national prestige.” The eldest members of BTS, Jin and J-Hope, are currently serving in the military. Rep. Seong said, “The memories that young people around the world carry along with BTS will be another asset of Korea. ” “In this Jamboree, 10,000 more youths from all over the world participated than in the event held in Japan. The fact that so many young people visited Korea must have been to see the Korean wave sweeping the world and the dynamism and creativity of Korea,” he said. ”he mentioned.

In particular, he suggested that the Ministry of National Defense take all measures to raise the national prestige of the Republic of Korea by participating in the K-POP concert to be held in Seoul on the 11th.

However, when Congressman Sung’s 먹튀검증proposal became known, BTS fans protested. The criticism was why BTS had to deal with the limping of the ‘Jamboree Crisis’ . On the 8th, users of ‘DC Inside BTS Gallery’, a BTS fan community, issued a statement saying, “We firmly reject the anti-democracy that pushes BTS into the pit in order to revive the national prestige of Korea, which was shattered by the ‘Jamboree incident

‘ . ” They criticized,

“ For BTS to participate in K-pop concerts at the coercive request of the government, it is a regression of democracy and ‘abuse of power’.” In addition, “Unlike Corporal Kim Seok-jin (Jin) and Private Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope) of BTS, who are currently affiliated with the Army of the Ministry of National Defense, the other members are civilians and do not have any rights to be supervised by the Ministry of National Defense . ” He pointed out that the current behavior is anti-democracy that goes against the spirit of the Jamboree.”

When the proposal to introduce BTS became controversial, Rep. Sung said on MBCAppearing on the radio, he said , “I am the person who introduced the bill to exempt BTS from military service in the 20th and 21st National Assembly. ” The person who supported it as a bill,” he explained. At the same time, he revealed that he did not consult with the party and did not ask for the intention of the BTS agency. Jeon Ha-kyu, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, also responded to Seong’s request at a regular press conference that day, saying, “It is an issue that needs to be discussed with the relevant ministries and the agencies of the celebrities in question.” The K-Pop Super Live, the K-Pop concert of the Jamboree, was scheduled to be held on the special outdoor stage in Saemangeum on the 6th, but the schedule has been changed to the 11th in consideration of the situation at the site.

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