Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Is it premium E. coli?… Please return this ‘yogurt’

E. coli that exceeded the standard was detected in yogurt products 먹튀검증sold on the market, and the authorities are suspending sales and recalling them.

According to the Food Safety Nara on the 13th, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) is suspending sales and recalling ‘Kefir’ (enriched fermented milk) manufactured by Korea Food, a livestock processing company (dairy processing company), for exceeding the standard for E. coli.

Discontinued products are 900ml capacity, manufactured on July 6th, and have an expiration date of August 10th, 2023. The product has also received HACCP (Hashup) certification, which is the certification standard of the Korea Food Safety Management Certification Authority.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said, “Consumers should contact the customer center indicated on the product or return it to the place of purchase,” and “Sellers holding the recalled food, etc., should stop selling and return it to the recall operator. Consumers who purchased the product Please actively cooperate with the return to the manufacturing plant and the recall of hazardous food.”

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