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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


“It’s just like the scene where a high school girl smokes a cigarette” Is Netflix okay without smoking restrictions?

 “No matter how important realism is, it is inconvenient to watch teenagers smoking as they are” “

Unlike terrestrial broadcasting, I think that reality is high, so the sense of immersion in the play increases” Top 14 most popular OTT

(video streaming) content last year, such as Netflix It was investigated that tobacco products and smoking scenes appeared in 12 of the episodes. In OTT, which is becoming more and more influential, unlike airwaves, there are frequent smoking and drinking scenes, raising the point that it is a regulatory blind spot. According to the ‘2023 State Audit Issue Analysis’ report recently published by the National Assembly Legislative Research Office on the 26th, the Korea Health Promotion Institute monitored the top 14 dramas in the popularity rankings of 7 domestic and foreign OTT services last year. Tobacco products and smoking scenes appeared. As a result of 먹튀검증monitoring 10 drama and entertainment programs (96 episodes) that put drinking at the forefront among OTT original contents, drinking scenes were described 249 times. The drinking scene was transmitted 2.6 times per episode.

On the other hand, movies and dramas aired on TV , such as airwaves, are subject to the Broadcasting Act, so scenes of drinking or smoking do not appear directly. The Broadcasting Act enacts and complies with the regulations on broadcasting review, and Article 28 of this regulation stipulates, ‘When broadcasting deals with contents such as drinking, smoking, speculative acts, extravagance, and waste, care must be taken in the expression so as not to glorify or promote them. ‘ is specified.

OTT is subject to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (Information and Communications Network Protection Act), not the Broadcasting Act. While this law prohibits the distribution of harmful websites or illegal information, it does not regulate smoking or drinking scenes.

However, as the impact of OTT is growing, some argue that it is necessary to consider smoking and drinking regulations. According to the data analysis platform Mobile Index, in the case of Netflix, the number of monthly active users ( MAU ) reached 11.74 million in July . Of course, the content has an age limit of 18 years of age or older, but considering that it is shared secondary through YouTube and social media , regulation is inevitable.

In response, the report pointed out that “ OTT can be a major route to encourage youth smoking or drinking,” and that “social discussions are needed on regulatory measures to reduce the environment that promotes smoking and drinking among youth.”

“The Information and Communications Network Protection Act allows service provider organizations to establish and implement codes of conduct to protect users and self-regulation guidelines to prevent the distribution of information harmful to young people,” he said . It is suggested that encouragement should be carried out at the same time so that regulations can be implemented.”

Some voices oppose excessive regulation for freedom of expression and realistic development of the play.

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