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“Jaeyoung Lee, you weren’t sexually assaulted?”… Legal response to angry victims

Volleyball player Lee Jae-young publicly denied school violence. Then, the victims who revealed the facts of school violence were sued by sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young for ‘defamation by stating false facts’, but they started to refute the case by saying that they had recently received a non-indictment.

According to a statement released to multiple media outlets by the law firm ‘Ongil Entertainment Law Center’ (hereinafter referred to as the victims), which is in charge of representing victims who claimed to have been subjected to school violence by Lee Jae-young, articles alleging school violence by Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young were published. Afterwards, the victims were sued by the player for defamation by publishing false information. However, he recently received a 먹튀검증non-indictment from the prosecution.

According to part of the prosecution’s reason for non-indictment provided by the victim, the police and prosecutors said, “The victims’ posts stating that ‘Both Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young were perpetrators of school violence that forced them to fight, assault, swear, and run errands’ revealed false information.” “It’s difficult to admit,” he said. In response to this, the victim’s side claimed, “It has been objectively confirmed that the players’ school violence against the victims is true.”

According to the statement, the victims were told during the prosecution’s investigation that players Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young hoped to reach an agreement. According to the victim, they decided to agree to the agreement because they thought they would receive a sincere apology, but the players said, “They are victims of defamation,” and after debating whether to give them the settlement amount, they ended up offering 3 million won. The settlement originally proposed by the victim was 50 million won, adjusted from 100 million won.

The victim’s side said, “In the end, the agreement was ultimately broken down,” and “Recently, players Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young have once again caused extreme pain to the victims by claiming false information about the facts of school violence and the settlement process through interviews with the media. “He said. He said, “The victims could not understand why they had to be investigated as suspects even though they were victims of school violence, and why the players, rather than repenting and apologizing for their mistakes, were labeling them as criminals.”

Previously, Jaeyoung Lee said in an interview with the volleyball magazine ‘The Spike’ on the 16th of last month, “I still don’t understand the actions of those friends,” and “I am curious about the intention behind suddenly revealing this information more than 10 years later.” He also said, “To be clear, I don’t remember doing anything bad that would make them responsible at all.” It also included information that the victims requested a settlement of 100 million won per person, but Jaeyoung Lee refused.

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