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Japan’s Mitoma, ‘out of energy’, defeated Trippier… UK “Looked tired”

The silence of Kaoru Mitoma (Brighton, 25) is getting longer.

Brighton and Hove Albion lost 1-4 in the 25th round of the 2022-2023 season English Premier League (EPL) against Newcastle United held at St. James Park in Newcastle upon Tyne, England on the 19th (Korean time).

With this, Brighton remained in 6th place with 58 points (17 wins, 7 draws, 11 losses). Although they did not add points, they maintained 6th place and continued the possibility of advancing to the UEFA Europa League (UEL). Newcastle entered the league’3rd place’ with 69 points (19 wins, 12 draws and 5 losses). It also raised the possibility of advancing to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for the first time in 21 years.

Mitoma started as a left-sided striker and played full-time, but did not show much activity. His shooting hit once, and his dribbling success rate was 50% (3/6).

British media ‘Sussex Live’ gave Mitoma a rating of 5 and commented, “In Newcastle’s onslaught, he barely touched the ball in the first half. As the game went on, he looked tired.” He pointed out that “Mitoma has not been able to raise the offensive point in the last 9 consecutive games in the official game.” The last time Mitoma scored was against Brentford on April 2nd.

The Japanese media’Soccer Digest’ also pointed out that Mitoma provided an excuse for conceding. In the 44th minute of the second half, Mitoma competed for the ball with Kieran Trippier, but was pushed down in the struggle. As a result, Newcastle took the opportunity to counterattack, and Callum Wilson scored with Miguel Almiron’s exquisite forward pass.안전놀이터

On this day, Mitoma often faced Trippier, who played as a right wingback, from the side. The media commented, “Mitoma could hardly attack Trippier, who was confronted throughout the game.”

Martoma has been active as Brighton’s signature striker this season, scoring 7 goals and 4 assists in the league alone. In particular, after attending the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he was evaluated as an EPL top-class winger for his performance, which increased even more. Rumors are circulating that he will move after the season, receiving interest from big clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United, but his recent performance is not the same as before.

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