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Jeong Sang-hoon, who was stabbed to death by a colleague while working, recognized as an industrial accident in 5 months

Worker Jeong Sang-hoon (Dongbo, August 1, page 12)먹튀검증, who was stabbed to death by a co-worker while working at the Coupang distribution center in Gwangju, was approved for industrial accident compensation insurance (industrial accident) in five months.

The Labor Welfare Corporation under the Ministry of Employment and Labor announced on the 4th that it had approved the industrial accident application filed by Jeong’s family in March.

On January 13, around 3:42 am, Jeong died after being stabbed by a weapon wielded by a colleague in his 20s. Mr. A swung a weapon because Mr. Jeong, who was sleeping in his break room, was ‘noisily snoring’.

The Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Corporation judged that the crime and the ‘relevance of work’ were significant. It is said that the reason for the industrial accident was that Mr. A had an interview with a manager right before the crime and that the weapon used in the crime was a sales knife stored in the distribution center.

Jung was the father of three children. Mr. Jeong’s wife and children have suffered from the loss of the head of the family.

Jeong’s wife, Mr. B, said in a phone call with the reporter, “The industrial accident was approved, so the family can live with courage again.”

Meanwhile, on the 14th of last month, the Gwangju District Court sentenced A to 20 years in prison for murder. However, Mr. A appealed against the judgment of the first trial.

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