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Kershaw returns as scheduled, despite mother’s pain

Started against Minnesota Twins

on the 17th

Clayton Kershaw (pictured), the ace pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the American professional baseball major league, decided to go to the mound as scheduled despite the pain of losing his mother. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said ahead of the home game against the San Diego Padres on the morning of the 15th, “Kershaw will start as a starting pitcher against the Minnesota Twins on the 17th. The death of his parents is hard, but Kershaw is doing well now.”

Kershaw lost his mother the day before. Kershaw’s wife,스포츠토토 Alan, mentioned this at a Dodgers-hosted event. Major league players can take a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days of funeral leave according to the rules, but Kershaw decided to digest the scheduled start. Earlier, when Kershaw suffered a father’s death in 2013, he used funeral leave after digesting scheduled appearances. It is known that Kershaw plans to take a funeral leave after finishing the game against Minnesota.

Kershaw is in his second prime this year. As of the 15th, Kershaw, who started as a starting pitcher in 8 games, is maintaining an outstanding record of 6-2 and an average ERA of 2.36. In particular, his number of wins was tied for first place, and his earned run average was ranked fifth.

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