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“Kim Ha-seong’s defense index ranks second overall in MLB… high level wherever he plays” Computer proved

Kim Ha-seong (28‧ San Diego) is a player who has completely overturned the stigma attached to Asian infielders like a tag. In that alone, he marked a major milestone in Asian Baseball’s major league challenge.

In the major leagues, there was a perception that ‘Asian infielders have weak defense, especially as a shortstop’. In fact, shortstops who were said to be playing in Japan failed as a defense in the major leagues, and that prejudice was hardened. However, Ha-seong Kim is showing that Asian players’ defensive capabilities can also work well in the major leagues based on his tremendous athletic ability.

In fact, Kim Ha-seong was a finalist for the Gold Glove in the National League shortstop last year. He didn’t win the award, but it meant he received great recognition from other teams’ players and coaching staff. He moved to second base this year as well and is playing well. He can’t guarantee winning the award, of course, because he has a lot of competitors, but he’s on pace to challenge for the Gold Glove once again.

Ha-sung Kim’s defensive numbers are well-revealed not only in his feelings but also in his records. SIS, a US statistics company, evaluated that Ha-seong Kim is showing outstanding skills in defensive indicators from 2021, when he entered the major leagues, to this year. SIS praised Kim Ha-seong for showing good defense in all positions, shortstop, second baseman, and third baseman, saying, ‘No matter where (position) Kim Ha-seong plays, there is a commonality in Kim Ha-seong making plays.’

SIS said, ‘Since coming from South Korea in 2021, Ha-Sung Kim has proven to be adept and adaptable (in all positions). Wherever he was placed, he played at a high level (defensive) and ranked second overall behind key Brian Hayes (Pittsburgh) in his defensive power,’ he said.

According to SIS, Ha-seong Kim’s DRS (an indicator of how much runs were prevented by defense) reached 37 after advancing to the major leagues. Of these, he batted 10 (352 innings) as a second baseman, 19 (1371 innings) as a shortstop, and 8 (366) as a third baseman. He didn’t finish in the top 3 at any individual position because he couldn’t focus on one position, but when you add it all up, he’s second only to Hayes, one of the league’s best third base defenders.

SIS also rated Kim Ha-seong’s movement to the left as outstanding among his defensive abilities. In fact, Kim Ha-seong pulled out excellent defense indicators in the defense between 1st and 2nd base when he was a second baseman, the defense toward the second base when he was a shortstop, and the defense between the third and third base when he was a third baseman.

SIS said,먹튀검증 “Although adapting to the major leagues in the KBO can be a challenge for many people, Ha-seong Kim’s defense has been carried out without problems.” But don’t underestimate its importance,” he said, emphasizing that Ha-seong Kim’s defense is of great help to the team.

Ha-sung Kim’s defensive power is of great help to San Diego’s infield operation. This is because he can play as the starting second baseman, as well as cover the break time between shortstop Zander Bogarts and third baseman Manny Machado. This ability of Kim Ha-seong, along with Jake Cronenworth, provides flexibility to the San Diego infield. This is why Ha-sung Kim’s contribution to the team should not be judged by simple attack figures.

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