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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Kim Jae-sung’s first breath ‘Jaebak’ vs ‘92%’ Kang Min-ho… What is Buchanan’s ‘choice’?

 Samsung ‘Ace’ David Buchanan (34) flew. He showed off his ‘crazy hot fight’ at the moment when it was absolutely necessary. It’s a complete win explosion. It was the first time I worked with Kim Jae-seong (27). My mouth dries up in praise. However, he laughed, saying he could not part with Kang Min-ho (38).

Buchanan started in the final game of the first half against KIA in the 2023 KBO League regular season held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 13th and won a complete game with 4 hits, 4 hits, 8 strikeouts and 1 run in 9 innings. Thanks to that, Samsung also won 4-1.

The first half of the season ended with 7 wins (6 losses). The average ERA for the season was also 2.88. It is truly an ace look. Manager Park Jin-man also commented favorably, saying, “Starter Buchanan led the team to victory by showing perfect pitching like an ace.”

He threw 102 through the eighth inning. It looked like another pitcher would come up in the ninth inning. But instead of a pitcher coming out of the outfield bullpen, Buchanan walked out of the dugout. In the bottom of the ninth, he gave up two hits and a grounder, giving up one run.

Still, he managed to complete his 4th complete game of his career. On July 1, 2020, he won a complete game against SSG in Daegu, and on April 15, 2021, he won a shutout against Hanwha in Daegu. On May 14 last year, he achieved a shutout victory against Doosan in Daegu. And on this day, it is a complete victory again.

After the game, Buchanan said, “I threw 102 pitches until the 8th inning, but the number of pitches was irrelevant. There was only one inning left. He climbed casually. I feel good. It would have been different if he had thrown 100 pitches by the fifth inning, but he threw by 먹튀검증the eighth inning. He wanted to get a shutout. Again, it wasn’t easy. he eagerly threw He was focused on every pitch,” he explained.

He asked how he felt after finishing the first half. “The reduction in walks is a good thing. If you don’t walk, the number of pitches will be reduced by that much. It was safe and sagu today. Thanks to that, he was able to throw up to the ninth inning. You shouldn’t get on base for free. A lot can happen,” he said.

Let’s say ‘lose-loss stopper’ “No. If you look at our recent games, there are a lot of games that we lost unfortunately. It was good, but no luck. I did not act as a stopper. The first half is now over. I want to take a break, adjust well, and practice to continue the momentum in the second half.”

I talked about catcher Kim Jae-seong. Compliments pour in. “He caught the ball really well. He caught all balls well, including the cutter, two-seam, and changeup. The framing was really good. He emphasized that Kim Jae-sung’s performance was better than my performance.”

“It was the first time I guessed, but I went in after talking a lot. It was comfortable. He caught the low course ball well. There was a missing ball, but Kim Jae-seong did not give up and tried to make it a strike. I gained the confidence to say, ‘Next time it will be a strike’.”

Buchanan’s partner is Kang Min-ho. Since 2020, his debut season, he has been working steadily with Kang Min-ho. By 2022, Kang Min-ho wore the starting mask in 76 out of 83 games. He was with him in 16 games this year as well.

The 17th game was played by Kim Jae-seong. Kang Min-ho had a bad back, so it was difficult to participate. He could have been shaken. However, Kim Jae-sung and his breathing were perfect. Buchanan threw well, but Kim Jae-sung’s lead was also good.

I was busy praising Kim Jae-sung, but I didn’t forget Kang Min-ho either. He joked, “Are you breaking up with Kang Min-ho now?” Then he laughed and said, “No, never.” “Isn’t Kang Min-ho also a really good catcher? He’s doing great. He smiles, saying, “The pitcher becomes more confident.”

After his KBO League debut, he appeared in a total of 100 games. Based on the starting catcher, Kang Min-ho played 92 games and Kim Jae-seong played 1 game. Still, he doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish between superiority and inferiority. There is no need for that. ‘Pick 1’ is meaningless.

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