Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Lee Chun-soo, sprinting on the Olympic Road in the rain… ‘Drunk hit-and-run’ caught

According to the police and Lee Chun-soo on the 5th, Lee Chun-soo personally caught the hit-and-run criminal who was running away after a drinking accident on Olympic Boulevard near Dongjak Station in Seoul in the late afternoon of the 4th and handed him over to the police.

On his way home from filming on the same day, Lee Chun-soo witnessed an elderly taxi driver shouting, “Catch that person!” on Olympic Boulevard. After a drunk driver collided with a taxi, he was afraid that he would be caught drinking and left his vehicle behind.

Lee Chun-soo got out of the car and chased the culprit, and in the process, the manager, a former soccer player, also got out and helped catch the culprit먹튀검증. Lee Chun-soo caught the culprit by sprinting for about 1 km along Olympic Boulevard in the rain. Afterwards, he handed over the drunk hit-and-run criminal to the police who were dispatched after being reported by a taxi driver.

At the time, the drunk driver’s blood alcohol level corresponded to the license revocation (0.08% or more). The police are planning to prosecute the driver on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes (fleeing) and investigate the details of the accident. Lee Chun-soo played an active

part in Ulsan Hyundai Tigers, Real Sociedad, Feyenoord Rotterdam, Incheon United FC , etc. After his retirement, Lee Chun-soo has been active as a broadcaster by appearing in variety programs.

On the other hand, on the 4th, there was an incident in which the car of a first-time drunk driver was confiscated. Gyeonggi Osan Police Station arbitrarily received and confiscated the QM6 vehicle driven at the time of the crime from Mr.

Mr. A is accused of driving drunk on the road in front of the Osan Post Office in Osan City, Gyeonggi Province on the 27th of last month, hitting six pedestrians crossing the crosswalk and running away.

This confiscation is in accordance with the ‘measures to eradicate malicious violators, such as habitual drunk drivers,’ which have been in effect since the 1st. The police and the police plan to confiscate the car in the future if a number of deaths or injuries occur in an accident while driving drunk, even if it is a first-time offender.

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