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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Lee Gwan-hee’s time to make up for Marey’s injury. ‘Twin Wars’ hyung laughed. 2nd place confirmed LG goes straight to the PO semifinals after 9 years

So many things depended on this game. If LG wins, it goes directly to the playoff semifinals and becomes second in the regular league.

On the other hand, if you lose, things get complicated. If Seoul SK, which has a match with Wonju DB on this day, wins, LG will go down to third place. If SK loses, the winners and goals of the three teams, LG, SK and Hyundai Mobis, must be weighed. You can go up to level 4.

If Hyundai Mobis wins on this day, it can look at the 3rd place, and with a very small probability, it can also aim for the 2nd place.

LG eventually won a direct ticket to the playoffs.

LG defeated Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 97-88 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league home game held at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 29th.

LG, which recorded 36 wins and 18 losses, was tied with SK, and recorded 3 wins and 3 losses in head-to-head matches, but took a dramatic 2nd place ahead of the goal difference.

▶1st quarter = Lee Kwan-hee’s dominance

Hyundai Mobis Prime roared from the beginning. A fast-paced chance with a quick transition. Prim gets the basket count and makes a clean 3-point play.

Prim’s steal, handoff with Avarientos 2v2. Avarientos’ 3 points went through the rim cleanly.

LG put out the urgent fire with Marey’s foul free throw and 2 points. Both teams developed their attacks centering on the league’s best big men, Marey and Prim. A one-step battle.

However, when Prim launched an under-the-goal post-up attack, Hyundai Mobis held Choi Jin-soo in check with a surprise double team. This defense worked. In the attack, Seo Myung-jin received Prim’s screen and succeeded in breaking through the goal with a mid jumper with high probability.

18-8, 10 points difference It was the reason for Hyundai Mobis’ preemption. Operation time of LG.

Marey eventually put in a cool dunk. Lee Kwan-hee’s 3 stores followed. Then, the operation time of Hyundai Mobis.

Lee Kwan-hee broke through and even hit 3 points on the backboard, his trademark. A tie in an instant. Lee Kwan-hee scored 8 points in a row. Jang Jae-seok was put in for Hyundai Mobis. The starting big man, who took a break for a while due to a shoulder injury.

Avarientos broke the momentum of LG with 3 points. Then, with a quick break, they took a 5-point lead again. For Hyundai Mobis, Lee Woo-seok was also put in. In the end, 25-22, Hyundai Mobis led by 3 points.

▶2nd Quarter = Lee Kwan-hee’s Dominance Ⅱ

LG started the 2nd quarter with Lee Jae-do, Justin Gutang, Lim Dong-seop, Kim Jun-il and Dante Cunningham. LG’s trademark this season, the second quarter started with the second unit.

Cunningham’s bottom-of-the-box shot made LG reverse. However, Prim immediately counterattacked with a basket count 3-point play. A very tight game ensued.

At this time, substitute Lee Kwan-hee caused a crack in the tight battle again. Lee Kwan-hee, who succeeded in shooting under the goal with a fast-breaking euro step, stole the ball from Avarientos and then fired another layup shot.

This part was quite important. It created the insecurity of the outskirts latent in Hyundai Mobis. also. It also meant that the atmosphere that had been dragged throughout the first quarter was brought to a 33-28, 5-point lead.

But Avarientos was not alone. After receiving the screen, he fired a long-range 3-pointer. Then Lee Kwan-hee succeeded in breaking through the bottom of the goal again. In addition, he succeeded in stealing again and connected Cunningham’s fast dunk. 39-33, LG’s lead by 6 points.

On the other hand, Hyundai Mobis’ three-point open chance missed the rim every time. A variable occurred with 2 minutes and 19 seconds left in the second quarter. Jang Jae-seok’s foul during Marey’s attempt to attack. In the process, Marey suffered an injury to his left foot. He limps and exits the coat.

Hyundai Mobis is rapidly hunting for Yatoo at the end of the second quarter. In addition, Jang Jae-seok and Lee Woo-seok’s foul contributed a free throw. Little by little, the score gap widened.

In the end, the first half ended with LG leading by 13 points, 53-40.

In LG, the second unit demonstrated its power. Core Marey and Lee Jae-do did not play a big role. However, Lee Kwan-hee’s momentary explosive power became the catalyst for both the first and second quarters. The score was increased with the combination of the second unit. On the other hand, for Hyundai Mobis, the joining of Lee Woo-seok and Jang Jae-seok was not effective in the first half of the game. I was dizzy because my hands and feet didn’t fit. He gave up the flow easily by hunting for a 3-point shot. Hyundai Mobis threw 13 3-pointers in the first half, only 4 (31% success rate).

▶3rd Quarter = ‘Double-edged Sword’ Gauge Prim

In the first half, LG operated its unique second unit, but Hyundai Mobis also minimized the use of Prim.

The counterattack of Hyundai Mobis intensified. Choi Jin-soo’s 3rd store. As Cunningham ran away with a dunk, Prim responded. Hyundai Mobis benefited from Choi Jin-soo and Prim’s big-big pick and roll. Kim Jun-il committed 4 fouls in this process.

However, LG took a 12-point lead again, steadily adding to Gutang’s 3 corner points and Lee Jae-do’s two free throws from Avarientos’ U-foul. Operation time of Hyundai Mobis.

LG broke the brunt of Hyundai Mobis by even coming out with a steel dunk shot. Eventually, the score widened to 17 points.

However, in the absence of Marey, Hyundai Mobis intensively attacked the bottom of the goal. Prim’s 4 consecutive goals. And LG, who had a physical defense, caught a team foul early on. The second half and the complete opposite situation came out. In the end, Ham Ji-hoon scored two free throws, leading to a 10-point lead again. With 35.4 seconds left in the third quarter, Cunningham’s fourth foul was declared. At this time, Prim received a U foul on Lee Kwan-hee for an intentional pushing foul. Prim’s performance is outstanding, but his obviously useless fouls and extra moves are a ‘time bomb’.

In the end, 74-65, LG’s lead by 9 points. However, LG’s under-the-goal was in crisis due to Marey’s injury and Cunningham’s foul trouble.

▶ 4th Quarter = Cunningham, who endured in the end,

LG eventually played the game without foreign players in the early stages. Lee Woo-seok breaks through the goal.

LG had no choice but to put Cunningham in. Lee Kwan-hee succeeded in scoring three points at the same time as the buzzer beater rang in 24 seconds. The unique ‘Kwanhee Time’ ceremony came out. 79-67, 12-point lead. Operation time of Hyundai Mobis.

Seo Myung-Jin’s 3 points passed the rim cleanly.

A fierce battle with a score difference of 7 to 10 points. At this time, a foul free throw by Cunningham’s breakthrough. Foul free throws by Lee Kwan-hee’s breakthrough came in a row. LG’s consecutive three-point play, 91-78, quickly widened by 13 points. 5 minutes left.

Hyundai Mobis developed a relentless pursuit of Prim. However, Lee Jae-do of LG broke 3 buzzer beaters. On the other hand, Hyundai Mobis missed 3 stores of Avarientos.

Hyundai Mobis belatedly broke Avarientos’ 3 points, but the chase was no longer enough.

LG’s performance at the end of the season was not good to put it mildly. However, the cohesiveness of the players was certainly good despite the bad news of Marey’s injury that day. The shooting selection was excellent, and the quick counterattack following continued pressure defense was also strong.

On the other hand,바카라 Hyundai Mobis had a poor 3-point shot success rate overall. As the 3 points missed the rim every time in the match, the flow of pursuit was cut off. In addition, Prim’s uneasy unexpected behavior and the condition of Lee Woo-seok and Jang Jae-seok, who are not yet in perfect condition, also contributed to the defeat.

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