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Lee Young-bok, head coach of Chungam High School, known as the ‘strongest baseball’, leads the U-18 national team

Coach Lee Young-bok of Chungam High School, who made his name known to many baseball fans through the JTBC entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’, will take the baton of the youth team.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association (hereinafter referred to as KBSA) announced on the 3rd, “Cumam High School coach Lee Young-bok and the 30th World Youth Baseball Team coach to be dispatched to the 31st World Youth Baseball Championship held in Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung) in September. Dong-Eui University coach Jung Bo-myeong was selected as the national team coach to be dispatched to the Asian Baseball Championship (to be held in Taiwan in November).”

KBSA recruited applicants for national coaching by age group through open recruitment, and evaluated the members of the Performance Improvement Committee on the 26th of last month for the coaches who responded to the competition.

Head coach Lee Young-bok and head coach Jeong Bo-myeong, who were highly evaluated for their leadership and game management skills, were confirmed as the command towers for each age group.

Head coach Lee Young-bok, who will lead the national youth team, started his career as a coach at his alma mater, Chungam High School, in 1993. 

In 2021, the Blue Dragon National High School Baseball Championship and weekend league Wangjungwangjeon and the Presidential Cup National High School Baseball Championship were won by Chungam High School. achieved outstanding results in In particular, he has nurtured numerous star players as well as Yoon Young-cheol (KIA Tigers) and Kim Dong-heon (Kiwoom Heroes), who are active in the KBO League.

Coach Jeong Bo-myeong, who will lead the adult national team, graduated from Hyocheon High School and Dong-eui University, played for 11 years at Lotte Giants, and has been leading Dong-eui University, his alma mater, since 2019 after serving as managing director and coach at Lotte.

He has been ranked 3rd in a row in the University Baseball U-League Wangjungwangjeon for the past two years, and is in the limelight as a leader who communicates and studies with players. Dong-Eui University produced the most KBO rookies among university teams, with Yoon Jun-ho (Doosan), Kang Jun-seo (Samsung), and Lee Jun-myeong (KT) selected in last year’s KBO rookie draft. 

Korea has reached the top of the World Youth Baseball Championship a total of 5 times, and is ranked 3rd with the most championships after Cuba (11th) and the United States (7th). occupied the top In addition, at the Asian Baseball Championship, it reached the top in the 27th competition in 2015, and took 4th place in 2019. 스포츠토토

KBSA, which has completed the selection of coaches, will complete the selection of coaching staff and players for each tournament in June and July, and will begin preparations for dispatching the national team in earnest.

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