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Like Man City’s goalscorer?’ Rising star recruitment competition in England, ‘Liverpool smile?’

Will Liverpool laugh at the race to sign England’s rising star?

The British media ‘Express’ reported on the 30th that CBS Sports reporter Ben Jacobs, who is well versed in the circumstances of the European transfer market, commented on Jude Bellingham’s transfer rumors.

Jacobs said: “Like Erling Haaland, I chose Manchester City for money, colleagues, city and everything that moves my heart. Bellingham will do the same.”

“Haland’s choice of Manchester City must have been partly due to his father’s team. It gives Liverpool hope.”

Along with this, he said, “Because Bellingham likes Liverpool,” and he predicted that he could choose his destination as his heart tells him, just like Holland.

Bellingham is active as a key resource for Dortmund and England. In the Three Lions Legion, he is considered a rising star who will be responsible for the present and future.

Bellingham’s presence was also prominent on the world stage. He made his mark at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, showing outstanding performances in midfield coordination, linkage, and passing along with his scoring run.

In particular, he is evaluated for being able to play both central and side midfielders, and being equipped with a sharp kicking ability that can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Bellingham, whose share price has soared,토토사이트 is showing off its English superstar presence. The big clubs are salivating over this.

Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea are actively expressing interest in Bellingham.

In addition, Liverpool, known as a fan of Bellingham, is also in a scouting competition.

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