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‘Lymphoma diagnosis’ Hendricks, 60 days IL NO! “Great progress, but… ”

 Liam Hendricks (Chicago White Sox), who was diagnosed with lymphoma in January and is receiving treatment, is making very good progress.

White Sox general manager Rick Han said on the 30th (Korean time), “Hendricks is currently showing good form. He will not be placed on the 60-day injured list. However, it is Adidas that an exact return plan has been established.”

“Currently, we see him making tremendous progress. Hendricks continues to battle the disease to return to the big leagues. I always wish him happiness, and I am very grateful for respecting his privacy.”

Hendricks has been a full-time closer since 2019, and has been active as a closer for the White Sox since the 2021 season. He recorded a career record of 31 wins, 34 losses, a 3.81 ERA, 115 saves, 42 holds and 724 strikeouts. He has also been named an All-Star three times and has won the Mariano Rivera Award twice.

He continued his performance last year, going 4-4 ​​with a 2.81 ERA, 37 saves and 85 strikeouts. However, he was predicted to miss the 2023 season due to a sudden diagnosis of lymphoma in January. Lymphoma is a tumor resulting from malignant transformation of lymphoid tissue cells.

But Hendricks didn’t give up. Along with his treatment, he has been steadily continuing the long toss and improving his physical condition.먹튀검증 He started the season a bit late, so he won’t be able to pitch in the opening game, but is expected to be able to pitch in late April.

On the other hand, general manager Han said, “At the beginning of the season, Kendall Graveman, who has experience in finishing, is likely to take the mound where Hendricks is missing. On top of that, Joe Kelly, Aaron Bummer, and Reynaldo Lopez are all possible.”

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