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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Martha who achieved ‘promotion by risking her life’, the challenge continues

The Japanese striker ‘Martha’ in the pro football match-up drew attention with an interview in Korean saying that he would risk his life and challenge for promotion two years ago when he was in the second division. After he succeeded in promotion and came up to the first division, he made up his mind again in Korean to pursue a bigger dream.메이저사이트

Martha, who failed on the Japanese stage and joined Daejeon in the K-League 2nd Division two years ago, drew attention with her honest Korean interview, even though she was clumsy at the time.

[Martha: I think I am a loser through my soccer life. Still, there is a game that can change every game like this, and promotion, let’s bet that life.] Even though he

played an active role with 9 goals in 15 games that year, he missed the promotion right in front of his eyes, but he regained his resolve and finally won the first division with double-digit scoring last season. led to promotion to the league.

After recovering from an injury at the beginning of this season, he scored a theatrical goal in his first match on the 1st of last month, and the other day (10th) against Suwon, he scored a goal that led to a jump to 3rd place.

[Martha: (In the 1st division) there are a lot of people (spectators), and it creates the best atmosphere, and I definitely felt that.]

Martha, who usually stays away from ramen or chicken to take care of her body thoroughly, and sees other effects,

[Marta: (If you manage food) Skin care is (because) skin (skin), skin is also important.]

Now, I am determined to pursue a bigger dream as a challenger, not a loser.

[Martha: Personally, I think I am a challenger who challenges at least 15 goals and (thinks) that there is a possibility of reaching the AFC Champions League.] (Video coverage: Park Seung-won, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG:

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