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‘Match-fixing expulsion’ Choi Seong-guk consults with youth teams and helps coaches

In the aftermath of the Korea Football Association’s ‘surprise amnesty’, a corrupt soccer game, former national team member Choi Seong-guk (40), who committed match-fixing in the past, is known to have worked at a youth club and counseled students. It is also said that the coaching staff sought advice from Choi regarding player guidance.

Choi is known to be receiving a small amount of money while working for Pajugoryeo FC U-18. This team is a youth club in cooperation with Yulgok High School in Paju City, Gyeonggi Province. A soccer player who is familiar with the circumstances of Paju Goryeo FC said in a phone call on the 6th, “Mr. Choi joined in December 2021 and has been working so far. He mainly drives a bus and makes a living doing loading and unloading work at dawn,” he said. Team coach Lee and Mr. Choi are Korea University alumni.

Paju Goryeo FC is a small team with 20 to 30 players. The coaching staff consists of only three people: the head coach, the main coach, and the goalkeeper coach who occasionally comes to work part-time. Mr. Choi, who worked with them, said he bought snacks and gave them to students, and also consulted with them.

It is also true that he did something that could be seen as a ‘map’. This footballer said, “It is not true to say that he was a real manager. Mr. Choi picked up the ball and shouted ‘fighting’ outside the stadium,” he said. “Because he was such a famous player, the coaches asked for help.”

“Choi lives in the most corner room in the team’s dorm,” he said. An official from the Korea Football Association said, “We are checking the facts. He said, “If it is recognized as an act of guidance, it is possible to discipline the team according to the rules.”

In 2011, Choi Seong-guk received a severe punishment of permanent expulsion from the Korea Football Association for match-fixing in professional football.

He denied the charges at the time the allegations arose, but later admitted the facts and was sentenced to 10 months in prison and two years probation. At one time, he was called ‘Little Maradona’ and made a name for himself,토토사이트 but his football life collapsed and he suffered from hardships.

His name was gradually forgotten, but on the 28th of last month, the Korea Football Association included him in the pardon list, and controversy arose again. As fierce criticism from the public and all walks of life continued, the association withdrew the pardon in three days, and all board members, including the vice chairman, resigned.

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