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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Ministry of Unification, “Considering imposing a fine of 3 million won for non-reporting” on Yoon Mi-hyang’s attendance at the Chongryon event.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ statement, “It is not appropriate,”
People Power

Party calls for expulsion from lawmaker position Controversy is growing over the fact that independent lawmaker Yoon Mi-hyang attended the Great Kanto Earthquake massacre memorial ceremony hosted by the General Association of Koreans in Japan (Chongryon), a pro-North Korea group, in Tokyo, Japan on the 1st. there is. The Ministry of Unification announced that it would consider imposing a fine for unreported contact. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it was “inappropriate,” and the People Power Party decided to consider filing a complaint with the National Assembly’s Special Committee on Ethics, calling for Rep. Yoon’s expulsion.

The Ministry of Unification issued a statement on the 3rd and announced that it would consider imposing a fine on Rep. Yoon, saying he had never reported contact in advance. According to the current Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act, in order to contact a member of Chongryon, prior contact report and acceptance are required, and if this is violated, a fine of up to 3 million won is imposed for unreported contact. The Ministry of Unification said, “We will finally confirm the facts through the police investigation, and then procedures such as imposing fines can proceed.”

Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on the 2nd, “We do not believe it is appropriate for Rep. Yoon to attend an event related to Chongryon at a time when North Korea has been carrying out nuclear and missile provocations.” At the same time, he claimed, “The National Assembly Secretariat has requested cooperation regarding Rep. Yoon’s visit to Japan through an official document, and we have cooperated within the scope of the request,” adding, “However, the official document of the National Assembly Secretariat did not specify that it was an event related to Chongryon.” He added, “The Embassy in Japan only provided vehicle support between the airport and the accommodation in accordance with the request for cooperation, and there was no event-related support at all.”

Next, People Power Party chief spokesperson Kang Min-guk said in a commentary on the 3rd, “Rep. Yoon is not qualified to be a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea,” and “The National Assembly must protect liberal democracy by expelling Rep. Yoon, who threatened anti-state forces and the Republic of Korea.” Even when meeting with reporters at the National Assembly, he said, “We need to do everything we can, not just file a complaint with the National Assembly Ethics Special Committee,” and added, “I think going all the way to Japan and participating (at the Chongryon event) means that although my body is in Seoul, my heart is somewhere else.” “He said.

Previously, Rep. Yoon attended a memorial ceremony hosted by Chongryon held at Yokoamicho Park in Tokyo, Japan on the 1st.

Chongryon leaders, including Chongryon Chairman Heo Jong-man and First Vice-Chairman Park Gu-ho, attended the event. In 2020, Chairman Heo received the title of 메이저사이트‘Effort Hero’, known as the highest level in North Korea, and the National Flag Medal 1st class from North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un. At the event, Koh Deok-woo, chairman of the Tokyo headquarters of Chongryon, reportedly used the expression “South Korea’s puppet party” against the Korean government.

As controversy arose over this, Rep. Yoon posted on his Facebook page on the 2nd, “To mark the 100th anniversary of the Kanto Massacre on September 1st, I am in Japan with Japanese lawmakers, citizens, Korean residents in Japan, and Korean citizens living in Korea and abroad. “I participated in the memorial event,” he said. “I received a suggestion from the Korea 100th Anniversary Project Promotion Committee that it would be good for a few Korean lawmakers to participate in the memorial event promoted by Japanese citizens and compatriots in Japan, and I proposed this to several lawmakers, but it was not feasible.” .

He added, “I prepared activities for my visit to Japan after hearing that I would feel less sorry for the Japanese citizens and Korean residents in Japan who have been working together if I participated even if I was alone.”

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