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“Mom, can’t I wear a pretty bag?” Why is ‘transparent backpack attendance’ compulsory?

An increasing number of schools are making transparent backpacks mandatory in the United States ahead of the start of the school year next month.

As school shootings continue to occur, some schools are introducing transparent backpacks (school bags) that can see through the bag.

According to Axios, an online media outlet in the US먹튀검증 on the 29th (local time), backpack regulations have been introduced by at least 27 local education offices over the past year and a half.

David Reedman, creator of the K-12 School Shootings Database, said, “Some schools have already started handing out transparent backpacks after shootings in the mid-2000s, and more and more local school districts are adopting these policies as a way to prevent shootings . “Even schools that have not experienced a shooting incident are reflexively adopting such a policy,” he explained.

K-12 is the period of public education in the United States that spans a total of 12 years from Kindergarten, which is a kindergarten course, to the final grade of high school. A total of 221 school shootings have occurred this year alone, according to the

K-12 database.

Last year, there were a total of 305 cases, a nine-fold increase from 34 cases in 2013, nine years ago.

Covington County, Mississippi, will make transparent backpacks mandatory starting this fall. The Newport News City School District in Virginia and the Cypress-Fairbanks School District in Texas have also made transparent backpacks mandatory.

The Texas Department of Independent Education in Dallas, Texas, implemented this policy as a pilot for middle and high school students last year, and is expanding it to all students this year.

Some voices are also opposing the obligatory possession of transparent backpacks.

“If we make it compulsory for all students to carry transparent backpacks, they will make them feel like potential shooters or potential threats,” said Mr. Reedman. that,” he pointed out.

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