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‘Monster Striker’ Haalan, Salah and EPL Most Goal Tie… 50 goals in the official game are just around the corner

Elling Hollan sets the record for most goals in a single season in the EPL.

Manchester City Holland scored two goals in the 2022-23 English Premier League (EPL) round 31 match against Leicester City held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 16th (Korean time), scoring the 31st and 32nd goals of the season.

Haalan, who started, scored his first goal from a penalty kick in the 13th minute of the first half. After 11 minutes, Kevin De Bruyne’s penetrating pass split the net with a left-footed shot. Haalan, who scored two goals in the first half alone, was replaced by Julian Alvarez at the start of the second half. It was a management level because there is a second leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Bayern Munich and UEFA Champions League during the week.

Hollan, who scored the 31st and 32nd goals on the day, tied the record for the most goals in 38 EPL games recorded by Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) in the 2017-18 season. The EPL changed from the 1995-96 season to 20 teams playing 38 matches.

The record for the most goals in the EPL, which was launched in 1992, is Andrew Cole in the 1993-94 season and Alan Shearer in the 1994-95 season with 34 goals. At the time, the EPL was played in a 42-game system, but with Hollan’s current momentum, it is expected that it will be possible to break the record for the most goals in the EPL. After the launch of the EPL, he can also aim for his first 40 goals. In addition, Haalan has scored 20 goals at home alone this season. He became the first player to score more than 20 goals at home since Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres (each with 21 goals) in the 2007–08 season.

Ahead of this season, Hollan, wearing a Manchester City uniform, is changing various records to match his nickname of ‘monster striker’. Haalan has scored 47 goals in 40 official games this season. In modern football, there are three players who have scored more than 50 goals in one season in the European big leagues: Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, and Roberto Lewandowski. Messi and Ronaldo have achieved it six times each, and Lewandowski has achieved it twice. Messi and Ronaldo also reached the 60-goal mark. With just three more goals from now on, Haalan will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with world-class strikers.

Boasting a natural goal sense,카지노 Haalan’s only weakness has been injuries. He only made 24 appearances in the German Bundesliga last season when he was with Dortmund. However, this season, under the thorough management of Pep Guardiola, his durability is complemented and he is showing a perfect figure.

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