Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Na Kyung-won, mother of a disabled child, “I understand the position of both sides of the case of Ho-min Joo”

Former People’s Power lawmaker Na Kyung-won said, “I can understand both sides’ positions” regarding the webtoon writer Ho-min Joo’s case.

On the 2nd, former lawmaker Na posted on her Facebook page먹튀검증, “The case of Mr. Joo Ho-min has led to a confrontational structure between special teachers and students with disabilities in relation to special education. It is very regrettable.”

He continued, “The grievances of special teachers and the concerns of students with disabilities and their parents are all true.” a lot,” he said.

“Students with disabilities are more likely to develop bad characteristics than good characteristics if the environment is uncomfortable. Non-disabled people are no different, but students with disabilities can be more sensitive to the environment,” he said. “So creating a sufficiently good educational environment is very important. It is important, but the starting point will be the number of students per teacher and the support of assistant teachers.”

In addition, former Congressman Na emphasized, “We need to expand special education-related training to general teachers,” and emphasized, “This is an absolutely necessary condition for true inclusive education of students with disabilities who receive inclusive education.”

Referring to her daughter with Down Syndrome, former lawmaker Na said, “In elementary school, my daughter always said, ‘It’s annoying because the kids want to change my sneakers.’ They wanted a friend to share with,” he said. “But my friends changed their sneakers to help me and ran away. Teachers can’t do it with a good heart.”

Finally, former lawmaker Na added, “I hope that the current conflict will become an expected pain for a better advanced society, and I will think about improving the system.”

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