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“Neither Samsung nor LG can do it”… Ecovacs, a robot home appliance company, ‘Only Yourself’ 

“The all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner (which Ecovacs mainly deals with) has not yet been released by Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics먹튀검증. (Ecobags) wants to take the same position as the Dyson vacuum cleaner in the domestic market.”

Jeong Chul-gyo, head of Ecovacs Korea, said this at a meeting held at the Chosun Palace in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 30th.

Ecovacs entered Korea in 2017, but failed to stand out and established a Korean branch in March last year. Within a year after the establishment of the branch, sales increased by about 5 times, and it is on a growth trajectory. The number of offline stores in Korea is also rapidly expanding to the extent of reaching 50 or so.

Ecovacs has a robot vacuum cleaner, a window cleaning robot, a mobile air purifier robot, and a lawn mower robot. Recently, the all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner ‘Dibot T20 Omni’ capable of washing with wet mop in hot water and the window robot cleaner ‘Winbot W1 Pro’ were released in Korea.

Jeong Cheol-gyo, branch manager, said, “When Ecovacs first started its business, original equipment manufacturer ( OEM ) or manufacturer development manufacturing ( ODM ) products were the main products, but now most of them are brand products. It is not common to find a place that handles robot products and does both production and design,” he explained. “(Ecovacs) is not a robot vacuum cleaner company, but a ‘robot home appliance’ company.”

Ecovacs had confidence in its product quality. In particular, they showed confidence in an all-in-one product that includes vacuum cleaning and wet mop functions at once. Cheol-gyo Jeong, the branch manager, emphasized the difference, saying, “Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have not yet released all-in-one products.”

He also mentioned strengthening services. Branch Manager Jeong Chul-gyo said, “What I felt while representing a foreign company was that strengthening service is the most important thing in Korea. If the service part can be differentiated or does not have competitiveness, popularity will only last for a moment,” he said.

Accordingly, Ecovacs joined hands with SK Networks to establish a service network. Service centers are set up in ▲Seoul, ▲Incheon, ▲Busan, ▲Daegu, and ▲Gwangju, and ‘pickup service’ is provided in 29 regions nationwide, including the metropolitan area.

Plans for launching new products for the year were also organized. After launching a window cleaning robot in May, the company is set to launch a product that combines an air purifier, humidifier, and sterilizer in the second half of the year. Commercial robot vacuum cleaners that can be used in cafes or office spaces are also being reviewed for domestic release. Cheol-gyo Jeong, the branch manager, said, “I have a grand dream of becoming number one in Korea (robot vacuum cleaner).”

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