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‘No need for long words, see you at the stadium’ Dias’s class

Class refers to someone’s ‘real ability’ that cannot be denied. It is also a word that talks about ‘class’.

In the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich on the morning of the 12th, Ruben Dias proved his class and led the team to a 3-0 victory.

In a pre-game interview before the match, when asked if the quality of Bayern Munich’s attacking team is excellent, Dias replied “I think it will be a well-balanced match”, but also replied “Our squad is also great. We will prove it on the pitch.” told

According to, a soccer statistics site, Dias recorded 3 tackles, 3 clearances, and 3 shooting blocks, which were the most crucial to victory, with a rating of 7.74. He wasn’t a high score compared to the offense, but he was well above the standard rating of 6.

In particular, the 25th minute of the first half, when Bayern Munich broke the window, was decisive.

Dias stumbled and blocked a powerful shot from inside the box by opposing striker Jamal Musiala with his legs. As the goal trajectory headed towards the corner of the goal, if it wasn’t for his block, Manchester City could have been dragged away conceding the opening goal.

In the end, Dias’ defense, throwing his whole body, changed the outcome of the match. Just one minute later, Manchester City’s midfielder Rodri attempted a kick from in front of the box, and his fate was reversed as it was stuck in the top left corner of the Munich goal.

Goalkeeper Ederson’s performance was also dazzling. Ederson helped the team win without a goal by blocking several shots headed for the goal with crazy reaction speed.

Dias’ defense, which showed ‘class’,메이저사이트 eventually broke Munich’s will to score. Manchester City won 3-0 with Bernardo Silva’s header and Haaland’s ‘jegi kick (inside kick)’ goal.

With this, Man City can prepare for the second leg of the quarterfinals to be held at the Allianz Arena with an overwhelming score of 3-0. Munich, which witnessed Dias’ ‘class’ with both eyes, will have to think about how to overcome it.

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