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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Overcoming injury, writing history and ‘resting for a while’… Son Heung-min returns to Korea

Entering the arrival hall, Son Heung-min greeted with a bright expression.

[Jang Hyun-woo/Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do: I was very happy. Heung-Min Son scored a goal. [Shin Dong-yoon/ Sangdo

-dong, Seoul: You could say it was a rollercoaster-like season, but I thought people’s expectations were higher.]

Like the fans said, I’ve never cried or laughed as much this season.

When the top scorer last season failed to score a goal in seven games, criticism was immediately heard that he was sluggish, but Son Heung-min solved it with a hat-trick remembered as a silent ceremony.

After that, he scored two goals in the European Champions League and the moment he was about to rise, he hit a floating ball and suffered an ‘orbital fracture’ and was put on the operating table.

It was when the World Cup was less than three weeks away.

Nevertheless, he wore a mask and led the national team to the round of 16, and was compared to ‘Batman’ and received international acclaim.스포츠토토

But he’s had his ups and downs again in the league.

The team was greatly shaken by the resignation of coach Conte, but in the meantime, they rewrote Asian football history with their 100th league goal, and also filled double-digit goals for seven consecutive seasons.

This is a record only 10 players in Premier League history have done.

Son Heung-min takes a break and prepares for the evaluation match next month.

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