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Pittsburgh is serious about ‘additional training’, this day is running base training

There is no major league team that neglects training. However, it is not easy to find a team that works as hard on ‘extra training’ as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Pittsburgh has extra drills on the field before official training begins almost every day.

Training content changes daily. Various drills such as defense, bunt, and base run are alternated.

Participating players also change every day. It is a method of notifying the players of the schedule in advance through the electronic bulletin board in the clubhouse.

On the 10th (Korean time), base run training was conducted ahead of the home game against the New York Mets. Bae Ji-hwan, Josh Palacios, Jack Suwinsky, Tucupita Macano, Rodolfo Castro, and Canan Smith-Nzigba, who were called up that day, participated.

Under the guidance of first base coach Tarik Brock, who is in charge of running the team, the players practiced running from 1st base to 3rd base and from 2nd base to home.

It is difficult to find cases where major league teams are serious about additional training before official batting practice. In most cases, a player suffering from a batting slump comes out first and practices additional batting, or players who need to improve their defense or base run receive separate training.

Bae Ji-hwan, a ‘regular customer’ of additional training, confessed that the amount of training was not small, asking, “Don’t you think our team has a lot of training in the eyes of the reporter (who has covered several teams)?”

On the other hand, Pittsburgh pitched Tucupita Macano (shortstop) Brian Reynolds (left fielder) Andrew McMurchin (designated hitter) Carlos Santana (first baseman) Jack Suwinski (center fielder) Ki-Brian Hayes (third baseman) Bae Ji-hwan (second baseman) Josh The lineup of Palacios (right fielder) and Austin Hedges (catcher) was announced. He faces right-hander Tyler Megil. Pittsburgh starting pitcher Rich Hill.

Right-hander Chase De Jong was also designated ahead of the game, and outfielder Canan Smith-Nzigba was called up.

Smith-Nzigba showed a good performance with a batting average of 0.245, an on-base percentage of 0.339 and a slugging percentage of 0.547 in 28 games after being demoted to Triple A, and was given another chance.토토사이트

Coach Derek Shelton said, “My swing has improved and my defense has improved. I think it’s the result of digesting steady blows. Previously, in the major leagues, he could not digest a steady hit. The message I sent him down was ‘I need to run every day’. And he consistently digested the game,” he said of his improvement.

With this move, Pittsburgh cut one man from the bullpen and strengthened the bench. Shelton said, “I tried to put more options on the bench using my off-day schedule. A better matchup is possible and more flexible operation is possible,” he explained the meaning of this move.

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