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Possible release of Chris Paul, who appeared as a surprise… LA rivals await him?

How will Paul’s future be decided?

ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski talked about Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns on the 8th (Korean time).

Chris Paul,스포츠토토 who has stable game management, sharp passing sense, and excellent mid-range game ability, has been active for a long time as the league’s top point guard. He is Paul, who has a brilliant history, shining on the All-NBA Team 12 times and being selected as an All-Star 11 times.

But even he couldn’t completely go against the flow of his time. Paul, born in 1985, who has been dominating for a long time, is facing a phenomenon where his skills are gradually declining. This season, he averaged 13.9 points, 8.9 assists and a 44.0% field goal percentage, and had the most lackluster period since his debut. Even in the playoffs, he did not perform as well as expected due to the aftermath of the injury.

After Phoenix’s season ended in the second round, there was a lot of news about Paul’s future. In the process of Phoenix seeking change, there was also a point of view that Paul could be traded, and there was also a story that he would remain.

Meanwhile, there were reports that Paul could be released from Phoenix that day.

Paul’s next season’s salary is $30.8 million, but the guaranteed amount is only half of $15.8 million. If only the guaranteed amount is paid to Paul and then stretch provision is used, Phoenix will have more room in the salary cap than it does now, making it easier to seek additional recruits. Stretch provision is a method of dividing the player’s remaining annual salary by twice the remaining contract period + 1 year and reflecting it in the salary cap.

Paul’s release was also communicated as if it had already been established. However, according to reports such as ‘The Athletic’, ‘ESPN’ and ‘Arizona Sports’, it seems that it is still in the process of discussion, not confirmed. ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski said Phoenix had informed Paul that he could be released and that they wanted to keep him on the roster as long as possible.

“The Phoenix Suns and Chris Paul had a conversation about their future at the club,” Wojnarowski said. talked

If Phoenix can’t find a clear alternative and releases Paul, it seems that a number of teams will rush to recruit him. Still, Paul is a player who can be of great help if he goes to a team that needs a guard.

The two teams that reporter Wojnarowski specifically mentioned are LA rivals, the Lakers and Clippers. The Lakers have D’Angelo Russell and Dennis Schroeder on the free agency market, and the Clippers, who have been plagued by guard problems, are also uncertain about renewing Russell Westbrook’s contract. These are teams whose rosters will be much more organized if Paul joins them.

Reporter Wojnarowski added that “Paul and his agent want answers about his future sooner than the June 29 deadline for a release decision,” adding that the Lakers and Clippers are very interested in Paul’s acquisition. He said he would be interested.

If Paul goes to the Lakers, he’ll work with LeBron James, one of the Banana Boat crew. He is also the first comeback in six years since 2017 if he moves to the Clippers. How will the future of Paul, who is attracting a lot of attention, be decided?

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