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“Raise the price after taking control of the commercial district”… Baek Jong-won, 30-year-old, fined for slandering

A man in his 30s who was handed over to trial for posting an article defaming Baek Jong-won, CEO of The Born Korea, was sentenced to a fine in the first trial.

According to the legal community on the 21st, the 11th Criminal Court of the Seoul Eastern District Court, the chief judge of Jeong Won, fined 3 million won to a man in his 30s who was charged with violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (defamation) and insult on the 9th. sentenced

Mr. A was accused of defaming CEO Baek by posting false information on the Internet community for the purpose of slandering CEO Baek and writing insulting comments.

At around 4:11 am on June 6, 2020, Mr. A posted an article titled ‘A representative case showing that Korean people are vulnerable to agitation’ on the Internet community. In the article, the claim to the effect that ‘CEO Baek dominated the business with low prices and franchises in the early days, and then ran the business by raising prices’, and contents such as ‘Baek Jong-won is the king of evasion and expedients’ this was included

Mr. A then commented on his post and said, “CEO Baek used a legal trick by selling food materials at high prices instead of receiving franchise royalties for a certain amount of the products supplied to his restaurant (The Born Korea affiliate).” He continued to slander CEO Baek for about three hours, including making claims.

In addition to this, Mr. A uses expressions such먹튀검증 as ‘because of cool sickness’, ‘abuse of domestic law’, ‘expediency’, ‘evasion of the law’, ‘illegal’, and ‘having a lot of bad luck’ about CEO Baek in the text and comments of the article . did.

Mr. A’s side argued that it was to express an opinion on the legitimacy of CEO Baek’s business method and to arouse social awareness, but it was not accepted.

The judge said, “The Born Korea sometimes raises product prices depending on market conditions, but the market’s evaluation is that it is sticking to the exclusive business method of supplying products at low prices to consumers regardless of whether it dominates the commercial district.” The defendant’s claim is nothing more than a malicious accusation that distorts the facts.” Regarding the allegation that Theborn Korea is making profits from affiliates by setting unfairly high prices for food materials, it said, “It is just the defendant’s speculation and there is no basis for it.”

The judge continued, “The expressions used by the defendant lowered the social evaluation of CEO Baek and revealed contempt for CEO Baek.” “The viewpoint presented by the accused is a personal opinion that is not based on objective data or evidence that has undergone sufficient verification, and it is only a negative perception of (CEO Baek), and it is difficult to see it as an act for the public interest.” revealed the reason.

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