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“Rental for 2-3 months in Otani is profitable”… ML former general manager strongly recommends trade

“I think you trade and rent for only 2-3 months, and you have to decide when the value is high.”

Jim Bowden of the American sports media ‘The Athletic’ raised his voice saying that Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) should be traded. Bowden is a person who served as the general manager of the Cincinnati Reds and the Washington National League, and high-ranking officials from each major league club are the main sources.

Bowden said on the 18th (Korean time), “There are about 15 days left until the major league trade deadline, and the Angels are on the cutting board. The Angels must decide whether to trade Ohtani, the best player ever.”

“The club decision makers I spoke with recently gave a variety of opinions regarding the Ohtani trade. Some said the Angels said they would not trade Ohtani, while others said the Angels were at least deaf to the Ohtani deal until the trade deadline. “But most of the club general managers and presidents I surveyed said it made sense for the Angels to trade Ohtani, and I expected that to happen.”

Bowden also argued that the Angels were right to trade Ohtani. “The Angels will make the playoffs with Ohtani this year and will want to re-sign him once he becomes a free agent. The Angels believe they can convince Ohtani to stay if they make it to the postseason,” he explained.

However, the Angels are still in 6th place in the American League wild card race with 48 wins and 48 losses as of the 19th. It is 4.5 games behind the wild card 3rd place Houston Astros. It is a situation where there is a gap of 9 games with the Texas Rangers, who lead the National League West. It is unrealistic to win the district championship, and it is not easy to secure a wild card ticket.

“Worse still, Mike Trout is on the disabled list with no time to return,” Bowden said. “If you think they’re a team that can make the playoffs, it’s unrealistic. They’re not.”

He emphasized that the Angels were a team that could not meet Ohtani’s expectations. “Ohtani openly said in public that when signing free agents, a winning team is an important consideration. The Angels do not have a farm system that will have the power to rise to the top in the near future, nor any players on their big-league roster. No. The Angels don’t have any players with the talent to trade right now, nor any promising resources with potential to explode in the next few years먹튀검증.”

I saw the trade as a strategy that would benefit both Ohtani and the Angels. Bowden said, “The Angels have to choose one of two things. One is to keep Ohtani until free agency and then part ways. Then, after making a qualifying offer to Ohtani (if rejected), they will be compensated with a rookie draft pick. can,” he said.

“Trading Ohtani within two weeks could bring significant rewards that could bolster both the prospect pool and the major league roster. It could also help re-sign Ohtani once the free agent market opens. It is because we can show that we have turned into a good team.”

“You have to decide when Ohtani’s trade value is the highest,” Bowden reiterated. With Ohtani’s free agent value projected to be between $500 million and $600 million, the Angels argued that retaining him should be reconsidered after raising the value of the team.

The Tampa Bay Rays are the number one team that is most suitable for the Ohtani trade, which Bowden and current American major league experts have chosen. Tampa Bay is the team leading the American League East Division and challenging Ohtani to win the championship he wants. If Ohtani joins and reinforces his pitching power, he can put a wedge into winning the district and even try to win the World Series. The farm system is also well-equipped, and players from the major league roster can be brought in, so it is considered a team that is helpful in reinforcing the power of the Angels.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, and Philadelphia Phillies are also considered possible destinations. Will the Ohtani trade have to happen as Bowden insisted? As the trade deadline, August 2nd, approaches, more bold predictions are pouring in.

Ohtani is having a strong season as the second MVP of his career this year. He started 18 games as a pitcher, going 7-5 with 105⅓ innings pitched, striking out 139 with a 3.50 earned run average. As a hitter, he has a batting average of 0.307, an OPS of 1.072, 35 home runs and 76 RBIs in 94 games. He is ranked first overall in the major leaguesin home runs, OPS, slugging percentage (0.555), and triples (7).

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