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Rooney’s ‘Next Ronaldo’… But I’m not from Man United

Wayne Rooney pointed out ‘the next Cristiano Ronaldo’. But he’s not from Manchester United.

The Manchester Evening News, a local Manchester newspaper, said on the 25th (Korean time), “Rooney has confirmed the ‘next Ronaldo’. He knew that Kane would break England’s all-time record for goals, and his natural ‘selfishness’ in front of the goal was Ronaldo’s described as similar to

Kane is an English striker heading to legend. Since becoming a full-fledged main player for Tottenham in the 2014-15 season, he boasts consistent scoring power enough to score more than 20 goals in 9 consecutive seasons. In the national team, he has been at the forefront since 2015, leading a new golden era such as 3rd place in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and runner-up in Euro 2020.

He also recently rose to become England’s top scorer. Kane succeeded in scoring his 54th goal with a perfect penalty kick that deceived the goalkeeper in the first round of Group C of the Euro 2024 group stage against Italy on the 24th. It was the moment when Rooney’s 53 goals became England’s sole number one.

Despite losing the title, Rooney congratulated Kane heartily. He said on his social media, “Congratulations to Kane for becoming England’s all-time top scorer. I knew he would surpass me soon, but I didn’t know he would be this fast. A great player, an unbelievable goalscorer and an English legend.”

Kane was also thrilled. In his post-match interview, he said: “Thank you so much. I was on the pitch when Rooney wrote the record. I know what that means to him. I’m really proud of it. It’s fantastic to hear that from an English legend.” did not hide

Rooney’s tribute is not over.안전놀이터 “At the point where Kane scored three goals in his first four A-matches, I knew he was going to be England’s top scorer,” he wrote in a column for the British Times, stating that Kane was “a cotyledon to be called.”

He also said he deserves to be the ‘next Ronaldo’. Rooney credits their success, saying “Kane will score over 70 goals for England. Ronaldo is the only player I have ever seen that has that kind of personality. Both Ronaldo and Kane have a good selfishness, a natural obsession with goals.” He explained that the desire to score was the main factor.

Meanwhile, Kane has been rumored to transfer to Manchester United this year. There are not many listings as attractive as Kane in Manchester United, which needs a striker. If Kane were to wear a United shirt this summer, Rooney would have made an unintentional ‘prophecy’.

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