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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Samsung’s gum baseball that turns ‘crisis’ into ‘opportunity’ by catching An Woo-jin’s game with Lee Jae-hee’s card and winning 3 in a row

I expected the winning streak to end. Even Samsung fans didn’t expect much.

It was a natural prospect. Kiwoom’s selection on the 19th was because Ahn Woo-jin, the best fastball pitcher in Korea. The Samsung selection to face this was Lee Jae-hee (22), who was called up that day. He was a rookie in his third year ahead of his military enlistment next month. 2021 5 games 21⅓ innings are all of the 1th group career.

To make matters worse, a large number of backup members were included in the lineup, in which the main beasts were largely missing due to serious injuries.

It was like hitting a rock with an egg.

However, Samsung did not give up in advance. He played hard, led by Captain Oh Jae-il, and did his best to win. The united power led to meaningful results.

While Ahn Woo-jin was on the mound, he minimized the score difference and attacked the bullpen, winning 9-5 after an extended game. It was the first three consecutive victories of a valuable season. It was a game that instilled the confidence of ‘I can do it’, so the joy was doubled.

Players who did not receive much attention shone brightly. He played his part in his elements and piled up his stake in valuable victories.

First of all, Lee Jae-hee saved 4 innings with 2 hits and 3 runs in the first group starting game after the match against Kiwoom in Daegu on October 16, 2021, laying the foundation for a come-from-behind victory. The turnaround was possible thanks to veteran Kim Dae-woo, who deleted 2 innings from the 6th inning with 1 hit and no run. Left-hander Lee Sang-min, who took the mound in the 11th inning when the score was tied 5-5, blocked one inning perfectly with two strikeouts and won his second career victory.

Altoran’s performance of the backup beasts also stood out.

Lee Byung-hun, who wore the starting mask for the first time this season, calmly led Lee Jae-hee and became a hidden contributor to the victory.

Kim Seong-yoon, who played as a substitute, made a big success with 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 2 at-bats. The sacrifice fly that turned the score 5-4 in the 8th inning was a valuable RBI consciously created. In the 12th inning, an infield hit on the third base side was also a one-shot that came at the moment when it was most needed, widening by two runs.

Gong Min-gyu, who also played as a substitute, also contributed to the victory with 2 hits and 1 RBI in 2 at-bats. An Joo-hyung also laid the foundation for a come-from-behind victory with a stepping stone hit like gold in the 12th inning. Kim Ho-jae went back and forth between third base and shortstop, and continued to hit for two consecutive games with stable defense.

For Samsung, key players such as Kim Hyeon-joon, Kim Jae-seong, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Dong-yeop, and Kim Tae-gun have been away for a long time due to injuries. New faces that are lesser known are filling the gaps left by them.

Park Jin-man, director of Samsung, was wary, saying,먹튀검증 “I was in a crisis because I fell in too much at once.”

It was a precious victory obtained by melting the sweat of players like salt, which was not flashy. The day I smiled wide with my gums instead of this. If it continues, there is a possibility that it will become the center of blue.

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