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Seoul’s captain + 4th hitter, unconditional wedding society The reason for the promise “The fans want it”

This year is the closest team to winning. The heart of the ‘fourth hitter captain’ is also more confident than ever.

Oh Ji-hwan of the LG Twins aims to win the Korean Series. The most desired partner is the ‘Jamsil rival’ Doosan Bears, and the result is LG’s victory after a bloody battle in Game 7.

Oh Ji-hwan attended the KBO Media Day held on the 30th and promised a fan to host the wedding.

On this day, Oh Ji-hwan, when asked about his ‘winning promise’, said, “I’m sorry I haven’t won the championship for a long time. If I win, I’ll grant the fans’ wishes, whatever they want. Please leave it on the club’s social media, L-Tube, or anywhere else.” was

In the fan question corner that followed, the question about the promise to win again came up. Oh Ji-hwan replied, “Tell me about the championship promise the fan who asked the question wants. I will listen.”

After thinking about this for a while, the fan expressed an unexpected wish, “I will hold a wedding with my girlfriend on December 1st. If LG wins and wins the Korean Series MVP, please host the wedding.” In response, Oh Ji-hwan happily promised, “I’ll take care of you regardless of winning.” Fans cheered and applauded.

The KBO side said, “If you want, we will arrange contact with the fans.” Oh Ji-hwan promised to find a fan after the event, check his contact information, and find the wedding site with his wife.

Oh Ji-hwan, who we met after the event, smiled broadly, saying, “It’s something I never thought of, but isn’t it something to celebrate? It’s off-season at the time, and it’s what LG fans want, so I decided to listen to it unconditionally.” He then repeatedly emphasized, “Originally, LG players are very good to their fans. I want you to know this.”

Oh Ji-hwan picked Doosan, directed by Lee Seung-yeop, as the team he wants to meet in the Korean Series. He said, “It’s the same Seoul team, we have a lot of fans, we’re rivals, I’m the captain, but there’s also (Huh) Kyung-min at the center of Doosan… I hope we win by going to Game 7.” Do you have any plans to finish in the 4th game?

“Wouldn’t it be remembered forever if we win with an impressive drama. We can enjoy more Korean series games. It’s a story that is based on the premise that we win.”

Park Hae-min, who was next to him from ‘Dynasty’, laughed and said, “(Oh) Ji-hwan actually relied on (Chae) Eun-seong a lot… I will work hard next to him.” He continued, “If I were to give a reason why I would win, the captain would be Oh Ji-hwan, so one of the reasons I want to win is because I really like these members now. (Oh) Ji-hwan’s claim makes our team culture stronger.” words were added.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “LG’s greatest strength is teamwork. Out of the 15 years of playing for LG, I think last year and this year’s teamwork were the best. It’s amazing that the team is united as one. Wouldn’t it be the driving force behind the championship? Last year was a really good year. , and I will make this year a better year.”

Yeom Gyeong-yeop designated Oh Ji-hwan as the fourth hitter this season. Oh Ji-hwan said, “Actually, it was a bit burdensome. He even told the director about it.”

“The number 4 is a little burdensome. I thought that if I hit the number 6, the team would become stronger more smoothly… The coach said, ‘I can hit 30 home runs, I will use the number 4’. It will be a good experience. .Because the team’s victory comes first, I’ll bunt if necessary regardless of the batting order. I’m saying that going 4 is a way to increase the chances of winning. .”

Oh Ji-hwan is an LG franchise star.스포츠토토 He became the first Jamsil shortstop to reach 20 (home run) -20 (steal base) last year, winning his first Golden Glove 14 years after his debut.

He is also forming a strange rivalry with Yoo Kang-nam, who transferred to Lotte. Oh Ji-hwan laughed, saying, “I stole the base (against Yoo Kang-nam) in the demonstration game, but he didn’t have the intention of even having a ceremony. It’s not a regular season.”

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