Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Shin Ji-hyeon-Yang In-young plus Kim Jong-un, Hana One Q, Jeong Ye-rim holding the ‘key to rebound’

The 2022-2023 season, which failed to overcome the limits of power and went through only 6 wins. The biggest harvest of Hana 1 Q was Jeong Ye-rim.

Last season, Jeong Ye-rim played an average of 33 minutes and 8 seconds in 29 games, recording 11.5 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.8 assists. It was a leap forward and a definite growth. After being selected for Hana 1Q with the 4th overall ranking in the 1st round at the 2019-2020 new player selection meeting, Jeong Ye-rim, who had high expectations as a guard to lead the team along with Shin Ji-hyun, began to make that possibility a reality.

However, he himself was not very satisfied.

Jeong Ye-rim said, “The team’s performance was not good. If the team had won that much, I would have felt that I had improved, but I didn’t feel that way because there were many losing games. Also, there were many mistakes in areas that were not visible outside of the record. “he said.

In particular, “I think there were games that could have been won if I had done a little more at the decisive moment. Every time I did, I made a lot of mistakes, and I think I played a game that was disappointing because I lacked experience. The most regrettable thing was that I couldn’t win a lot.” looked back at

But rather, it served as an opportunity to strengthen my resolve.

Jeong Ye-rim said, “To be honest, I lost more in my first year of pro than I did in my third year of high school. As soon as I became a pro, I lost a lot, so it was difficult in the beginning. I think I’ve gained a lot. I think there are things that become stronger while losing. The desire to win is definitely much greater than before.”

Hana 1 Q recruited Kim Jong-un from the FA market this off-season. After spending the best time at Woori Bank, Kim Jong-un, the girl head of Hana 1Q and a franchise star, returned to his parents’ home.

Jeong Ye-rim said, “I haven’t joined the team training in earnest yet, but it seems that there is a sense of presence just because (Kim Jeong-eun) is on the team. It gives me a sense of security and security. It was burdensome just by being strong, and I think I learned a lot while playing because I have good skills and good skills. If you think that you are playing in the same team, I think there will be power just by being there.”

Hana 1Q is currently conducting field training in Taebaek. Hana One Q assigned Kim Jong-un as a roommate with Jeong Ye-rim and Park Jin-young. I hope that the two young players will learn a lot from Kim Jong-un.

Jeong Ye-rim said, “My older sister tells me a lot of things while sharing the same room. I don’t know her past when she played for Hana 1 Q. So, please tell me about the past, and tell me what I was like when seen by other teams and what parts I would like to do more of.” He gave me a lot of advice, so it helped me a lot.”

Kim Jong-un, born in 1987, is 14 years older than Jeong Ye-rim. He is 17 years older than Park Jin-young, the youngest member of the team. It seems that there will be difficulties due to the considerable age difference, but Yerim Jeong shook her head.

He laughed, saying, “Honestly, (Park) Jinyoung and I are fine, but rather, her sister seems to notice that we will be uncomfortable.”

Jeong Ye-rim said, “Actually, there is not much inconvenience or difficulty. My sister makes it comfortable. Yesterday, Jin-young lost the key, so the three of us couldn’t enter the room and had to stay outside the door for a long time. ! When I saw Park Nam-jung on TV, I called her a ‘sister’s generation singer’ and got scolded. also conveyed

Hana One Q is looking forward to full-fledged growth and synergistic effects of the players along with the renewal of the team atmosphere by recruiting Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un gave a cautious stance, saying, “The team’s performance cannot suddenly improve just because I came, but I want the players and the team to develop overall. And first of all, shouldn’t we win more than 10 wins?”

The role of Jeong Ye-rim is important in this growth and development. In order for the effects of veteran Kim Jong-un to shine on Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young, Jeong Ye-rim, who is at the forefront of the team’s young players, must continue to grow.

Jeong Ye-rim said, “I’m still in the spirit of taking on challenges. I know that the expectations placed on me by the team are definitely different from last year, but I don’t have much pressure. I’m practicing to try a little more variety of one-on-one skills because of what I felt while going to the 3X3 this time. I also practice shooting a lot to improve my 3-point shot accuracy. I want to show more in terms of technique and accuracy.”안전놀이터

Also, “Team performance is of course the priority. It’s hard to say how many wins right now, but I really want to achieve double-digit wins. If it goes better there, I think we can even aim for the playoffs. First of all, I really want to achieve double-digit wins.” he emphasized.

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