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‘Star Birth Notice’ Lee Young-joon and Bae Jun-ho ‥ ‘Again 2019!’

The national team that reached the quarterfinals of the 2nd consecutive World Cup under 20 was evaluated as having no major players.

Players close to unknown, such as Bae Jun-ho and Lee Young-joon, are predicting the birth of a star on the world stage.안전놀이터

A sharp cross that helped Lee Yeongjun’s fantastic goal.

A sensuous first touch, a witty trick, and a calm finish.

[Ahn Jung-hwan/MBC commentator]
“It was done really calmly. It means that I invested a lot of time and practiced. What I can intend in a short moment should be ingrained in my body.”

Bae Jun-ho, who is the only one in the team to play as a starting pitcher in the K-League 1 stage, has been stagnant since the first round of the preliminary round due to an injury.

[Seo Hyeong-wook/MBC Commentator]
“This is Bae Jun-ho, who is showing an activity that really suits the number 10 today.”

[Bae Jun-ho/U-20 national team]
“Since I had an injury before the preliminary round, I felt sorry for my teammates.

Lee Young-joon, a military man who scored two goals in this tournament, is also regarded as the best find in Kim Eun-joong.

As if breaking the prejudice that tall players are dull, he is attracting attention as a new type of target striker because he is good at ball keeping as well as dribbling and kicking skills.

[Ahn Jung-hwan/MBC Commentator]
“It’s good to score on the offensive side, but it helps the team a lot on the defensive side. Lee Young-joon’s devoted play has created many scenes where he can attack and score…” It’s not flashy,

but Even captain Lee Seung-won, who scored a goal and three assists with a sharp kick.

The hidden gems of Kim Eun-joong, who has been evaluated as having no stars, are emerging as a new hope for Korean soccer.

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