Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Strong winds of 40 m/s… ‘Kanun’, which has changed direction, is likely to head to mainland Japan around the weekend

There are many people who worry about typhoons along with the heat wave. Let’s look at the satellite image. Typhoon No. 6 ‘Kanun’ is a very strong typhoon with strong winds of 180 km/h from the center. A strong wind is already blowing in Okinawa, Japan, which has a radius of over 400 km and is visited by many Koreans during the vacation season. The typhoon, which is moving at the speed of a bicycle, is expected to turn 180 degrees again this Friday and head for the Japanese mainland by the weekend. However, this is the current forecast and there is a possibility that a typhoon will come to Korea.

Correspondent Park Sang-jin delivers from Japan the power of Kanun.


A tree fell helplessly in front of the house, and broken branches are scattered on the road.

Shops on the main street, which were crowded with vacationers토토사이트, closed early.

As Typhoon “Kanun” approached, strong winds with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of about 40m blew in Okinawa.

The typhoon is expected to be closest to Okinawa tonight (1st).

Four city bus companies and monorails stopped operating, and 420 flights were canceled as Naha International Airport was also closed.

[Tourist: I was going to go back today, but the plane didn’t fly, so it was delayed for two days.]

All ferries connecting the main island of Okinawa and neighboring islands have also stopped operating.

An evacuation order has been issued to about 200,000 residents of 100,000 households, including Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture.

It is predicted that Typhoon Kanun is highly likely to come up near Taiwan and then rapidly change direction around this Friday and head northeast toward Kyushu, Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said that stronger winds and rain are expected in the Okinawa region tomorrow, and asked not to go out as much as possible and to be careful of river flooding.

Meanwhile, heavy rains brought by Typhoon No. 5 ‘Eagle’ struck central and northern China, including Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, causing damage to 11 people in Beijing alone and 27 missing.

Xingtai in Hebei Province recorded 1,000 mm of precipitation, equivalent to two years’ worth, and Beijing’s Mentougou also recorded more than 700 mm of precipitation.

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