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Suwon High School Kim Tae-hee, weightlifting championship second 3 crowns of the season

Kim Tae-hee (Suwon High School), a rising star in men’s weightlifting, won her second triple crown of the season in the men’s high school 89kg class at the 95th National Weightlifting Championships.

Kim Tae-hee lifted 137kg in the men’s high school 89kg class on the 5th day of the competition held at the weightlifting stadium in Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 24th, easily defeating Choi Hyo-min (Jeonnam Physical Education High School, 133 kg) and Cheon Jung-min (Busan Physical High School, 132 kg) and 1 occupied the top

Following this, Kim Tae-hee held the tie record of 173kg in the second phase of the competition, beating Myung Jin-woo (Chungnam Physical Education High School, 171kg) and Choi Hyo-min (170kg) to win the gold medal, with a total of 310kg ahead of Choi Hyo-min (303kg). He added a gold medal and won three gold medals.

As a result, Kim Tae-hee, who appeared like a comet by winning two gold medals at the 103rd National Sports Festival last year, won three gold medals at the 1st Korea Weightlifting Federation President’s Cup last March, followed by three gold medals at the second national competition of the season, winning three gold medals at the October National Sports Festival brightened the prospects.

In a phone call with Dong-A Ilbo, Kim Tae-hee said, “Due먹튀검증 to personal circumstances, I took a break from exercising for a while and started again, so I wasn’t feeling well. Still, I am very happy to be able to increase the record in the pose,” he said. I will train hard in the future and produce better results at this year’s National Sports Festival.”

In addition, in the women’s high school 76kg class, Jeon Yu-bin (Gyeonggi Physical Education High School) lifted 93kg in the second round and failed with 95kg in the third round, finishing runner-up after Hwang Hee-young (Gyeongbuk Physical High School, 95kg), Yong Sang-seo 120 He lifted the kg and won the championship beating Hwang Hee-yeong (115 kg) and Lee Ji-won (Kim Hae-young Ungo, 105 kg). Thanks to her performance in her pose, Jeon Yubin won two gold medals with a total weight of 213kg.

On the other hand, in the women’s high school 64kg class, Kim Ian (Ansan Technical High School) lifted 83kg of Impressionseo and lost 1kg to Lim Ga-won (Busan Physical High School, 84kg) to win runner-up, and in the first phase of the contest, Yun Ho-jin (Gangwon Physical High School) lifted 104kg. After 106kg), he also won a silver medal, and won only three silver medals with a total of 187kg.

In addition, in the men’s high school 61kg class, Dasom Song (Ansan Technical High School) lifted Impressionseo 90kg and won the bronze medal following Seonghwan Seo (Daejeonje High School, 105kg) and Hakjin Lee (Daejeonjeon High School, 91kg), and Yongsang (120kg). and total (210 kg), he got a silver medal.

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