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“Take North Gyeongsang Province victims to a hotel or motel to suit your nationality”

Victims in North Gyeongsang Province will be able to stay 바카라in lodging facilities such as hotels and motels with better conditions, away from tent life at gyms, starting next month at the earliest.This is because Lee Cheol-woo, Governor of North Gyeongsang Province, emphasized, “Now, we need to go beyond the form in which the victims were gathered in groups as in the past and come up with developed country-type disaster response measures and carry out on-site restoration by supplying what is needed directly to the disaster site.”Governor Lee said at a recent meeting of the head of the Disaster Response Office, “Rather than setting up uncomfortable countermeasures for victims using tents, we need to come up with advanced measures, such as taking the victims to hotels or motels in areas where there are no hotels, even if it costs money.” In the city and county, proceed without worrying about the cost,” he instructed the provincial officials and vice-captains of the city and county.He also asked, “Provincial government officials from Yecheon, Yeongju, Bonghwa, and Mungyeong also go to the site and work with the city and county to persuade them to go to a hotel, motel, or inn.”Governor Lee also said, “We have invited people (104 people) who were gathered at the gym during the Uljin forest fire in March last year to the Deokgu Hot Springs Tourist Hotel. I didn’t want to go at first. But, after a minute or two, they all left. Later, he said, ‘It’s so good, why didn’t you tell me earlier?'”In addition to public facilities such as gymnasiums and town halls, advanced disaster prevention countries such as the United States and Japan designate and operate private facilities such as mobile homes, welfare facilities, and accommodations as temporary residential facilities in preparation for various disaster situations,” he said.Governor Lee also instructed the establishment of a site-centered recovery system.He said, “Desktop administrative restoration is inevitably separated from the site,” and instructed “to operate a field manager for the head of the department and manager-level employees to collect stories from the site every day and reflect them immediately in the restoration of damage.”Accordingly, Gyeongbuk-do, along with cities and counties such as Yecheon Yeongju, Bonghwa, and Mungyeong, which suffered the most damage from the 20th, began securing facilities such as hotels, motels, and training centers in order to relocate the victims.In Gyeongbuk, as of 3:00 pm on the 23rd, 524 households and 735 residents are living in temporary housing facilities due to the heavy rain, and most of the temporary housing facilities are public facilities such as village halls, senior citizen centers, and sports centers.An official from North Gyeongsang Province said, “We are in the process of pre-processing, such as selecting a site and identifying prospective residents, to support temporary assembly homes for victims of the disaster.In addition, with respect to on-site restoration, on the 21st, the existing director-level regional manager was expanded and reorganized, and 32 managers and team leaders were operated as on-site dispatch officers, and personnel were dispatched in detail to the eup, myeon, and dong units.Through on-site dispatch officers, opinions from all areas were collected, including volunteer activities at the site, supply of manpower and equipment necessary for the field, and urgent restoration, and a system for sharing radio waves with the Disaster Safety Headquarters and each office was established.Since February 2020, the Ministry of Public Safety and Security has been amending and enforcing the Enforcement Decree of the Disaster Relief Act so that private facilities such as hotels and training centers can be used as temporary housing facilities for victims.This served as an opportunity to revise related laws while using six private facilities, including a private training facility, as temporary housing facilities for victims during the East Coast forest fire in April 2019.

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