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‘Talent Donation, Motivation’ Lim Hee-chan of Naksaenggo

 The influence of talent donation.

On the 16th, the Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Sports Corps found an elite basketball player from Naksaeng High School and completed the talent donation program.

Sangmu players passed on their know-how to young players, such as dribbling, post play, and outside play. Although it was a short time, Sangmu’s talent donation made a big impact on the Korean basketball prospects.토스카지노

Naksaeng High School captain Lim Hee-chan (F, 195cm) said, “I was thrilled and excited to hear that I had an opportunity to learn from Sangmu seniors.” said.

The most memorable was Heo Hoon’s ‘Dribble’ lecture.

Lim Hee-chan said, “It is memorable that Hoon Heo taught me how to dribble. He taught me how to dribble in his pre-game routine, and I plan to continue following it before and after the start of the workout.”

He continued, “It was a great opportunity to learn post-up shooting as well. Not only that, but all the seniors said good things about playing basketball. It was a valuable time.”

Like all elite basketball players, Lim Hee-chan dreams of becoming a professional player. Through his talent donation, he is more motivated in his efforts towards his dream. In his basketball life, this day of talent donation is an unforgettable moment for the rest of his life.

“I will remember this day. I really want to become a good player by working hard. 

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