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Teenage girl insults and assaults Asian family in New York subway

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In New York, USA, a teenage girl insulted and assaulted an Asian family.

Police wanted the 10-year-old assailant who fled after seeing it as a racist hate crime.

This is reporter Wang Jong-myeong from Washington.

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Three teenage girls make insulting remarks while pointing at an Asian family sitting across from them.

“Are you worried about bringing your two kids? I’m going to hit you in front of your daughters, so don’t worry about that.”

An Asian couple visiting New York from Nevada were riding the subway with their 11-year-old twin daughters.

When the harsh expressions of the girls 먹튀검증did not stop, the husband stepped forward and asked them to refrain, saying, “Can you write a better expression?”

“Damn it… get out of here.”

Another passenger was filming the scene, and one of the girls found it and ran to it. The Asian woman was assaulted as she tried to stop it.

The victim, named Su-Young, testified on the CBS broadcast that the level of assault was never light.

[Soo-Young/Victim ( CBS , USA )]
“Her glasses were broken. Her hair was pulled and her scalp was badly damaged, and she had a headache for several days. Her neck was also shocked.

He also said he hoped that his young daughters would not be hurt by the incident and that the girl who ran away would learn lessons other than punishment.

[Soo-Young / Victim ( CBS , USA )]
“I want to show that we can solve this problem and that it can be good for the girls. I want something positive.”

The New York Police Department declared the incident a hate crime based on racism and the girl was wanted.

Since the COVID-19 incident, hate crimes against Asians have been happening in the United States, and the New York subway is one of the representative hate crime scenes. This is MBC

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