Sunday, 4th June 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


The back door that has been blown open “How is your closer?”

It is an era of final suffering.

The closing pitcher plays the role of taking responsibility for a long game last. A team whose finish is unstable is difficult to let go of until the last moment.

A tough job nonetheless. This season, there are more and more shaky closers coming out. This is the reason why the game is being overturned at the last minute. There is an increasing number of closers who have no choice but to watch with anxiety. “How is your closer?”

Samsung Oh Seung-hwan is synonymous with a close pitcher. He has 373 saves, so he is a great pitcher who is on the verge of making 400 career saves.

However, Oh Seung-hwan this season is a pitcher that is difficult to watch. He’s getting a hit or giving up a run almost every game.

Up to the 14th, the record was 1 win, 1 loss, 3 saves, and an average ERA of 6.35. He has become a pitcher who is difficult to trust and write in a game by one point before he knows it.

It’s not just Oh Seung-hwan’s problem. More and more teams have to worry about the back door.

Doosan Hong Kun-hee also has a very high average ERA.

Hong Kun-hee also has 3 saves, but the average earned run average is 5.06. He pitched in six games, only two of which finished the game without a hit or walk.

He has no choice but to watch the trembling game in a one-run game.

Lotte Kim Won-joong is also anxious. His earned run average is 10.80. The difference between good times and bad times is huge. It is common knowledge that it is difficult to trust a closer who has many ups and downs.

Hanwha’s new finisher Kim Bum-soo has been showing continued anxiety since taking over the finisher.

On the 11th, he was shaken by KIA Jeonseo 2 innings and 1 run, and on the 14th kt Jeonseo also made a blown save by getting a solo shot from Park Byeong-ho in the 9th inning.

Since his closing conversion, he hasn’t finished a game cleanly.

LG hasn’t even returned to finisher Ko Woo-seok yet. In the save situation, it is becoming more and more frequent to miss the win.

There are, of course, closers who are doing well.

SSG Seo Jin-yong,카지노사이트 NC Lee Yong-chan, Kiwoom Kim Jae-woong and others record an average ERA of 0 and completely block the back door. It can be said that there is a lot more room than teams that have a lot of troubles.

If the finish is shaken, the team as a whole is bound to be shaken. Teams that are struggling due to the finish have one thing in common: they have no other alternatives. I have no choice but to trust the closers and go.

Will the shaky closers be able to quickly find their place? If the current pace continues, there will be no choice but to suffer from a headache due to the empty back door throughout the season.

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