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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


“The director has his own philosophy”… A 38-year-old American college volleyball master who landed in Korea, what kind of volleyball drama will he draw?

“Even if you do one, pursue perfection.”

After manager Kim Hyung-sil left the team, Pepper Savings Bank, which had no head for a while, made an unprecedented decision. The appointment of Aachen Kim (38), a Korean-American with no Korean volleyball experience, as the new coach. Coach Aachen Kim has no experience in Korean volleyball let alone the V-League. He was enough to give a fresh shock.

Coach Aachen Kim, who became the second manager of Pepper Savings Bank, is a leader who has left behind achievements in American college volleyball. Aachen Kim, born in 1985, played volleyball at Cheltenham High School and Franklin and Marshall University. Then, from 2009, he entered the path of a full-fledged leader.

In 2013, while coaching the American University volleyball team, from 2013 to 2017, he also won the Division I Patriot League, advanced to the NCAA Tournament for five consecutive years, and advanced to the NCAA Round of 16.

He spent his prime at Brown University, where he had his first coaching job. In 2021, three years after taking office, the team ranked first in the Ivy League through the recruitment of promising players, the development of individual players, and the implementation of detailed tactics. It was the first NCAA Tournament advance in Brown University history.

In 2021, when Brown University ranked first in the Ivy League, he was selected as the ‘Ivy League Director of the Year’. Five players under his guidance at the time won the ‘Best Defense Award’ and ‘Best Rookie Award’. It was the first time in Ivy League history that five Brown University players were named to the “Ivy League First Team” at the same time while leading the team.

Pepper Savings Bank also bought the same part high. Even if it was amateur college volleyball, not professional, he showed strength in nurturing players, and above all, he had a high passion for volleyball. Lack of professional team managerial experience could be a problem if that was a problem, but Pepper Savings Bank didn’t worry about that.

When the appointment of Aachen Kim was confirmed, an official from Pepper Savings Bank, who had a call with MK Sports, said, “I was looking for the United States, among them, the NCAA, and came into contact with Aachen Kim. It is said that there is no professional coaching experience, but isn’t there a lot of cases in Korea that come after being in charge of a high school or college coaching position? We have no boundaries.”

I haven’t trained for a long time with the Pepper Savings Bank players yet. In addition, since there are many players in rehabilitation, it is difficult to train properly. For reference, Park Eun-seo, Lee Go-eun, Oh Ji-young, Yeom Eo-leung, Ha Hye-jin, and Ji Min-kyung are rehabilitating outside. However, the passion for volleyball is high. Even the learning players are surprised. Even if the flow of training is interrupted, the players are amazed at how he tries to explain each detail in detail.

Chae Seon-ah said, “He talked a lot and pointed out every detail. The flow of practice can be disrupted, but you can see what’s wrong with the players’ movements,” she said.

She continued, “The coach has his own volleyball philosophy. There is a way to do it here, she sees. If we follow the way of the director, we will be able to develop,” she raised her voice.

Seo Chae-won said,토스카지노 “It seems that you are definitely greedy. Even though it’s the same movement, you look at it from a different point of view. fun. There is a lot to learn from the division by position.”

Lee Min-seo said, “He is very passionate. Even if you do one thing, you seek to do it perfectly. It’s different from what we’ve done so far. Volleyball feels new,” he said.

What kind of drama will the 38-year-old American college volleyball master, a passionate man, draw with Pepper Savings Bank? Fans of Pepper Savings Bank are already looking forward to it.

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