Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


The fire flashed in front of my eyes, the sacrifice of an infielder in the 9th year of the Eagle Corps who did not put the bat on the ball that came with his face

 Lee Do-yoon’s bunt, which brought a bat without fear to the ball that flew to the face, brought the team victory in a big inning.

Hanwha won 7-0 in the second game of the weekend series against LG held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park on the 10th.

Starter Sanchez pitched 8K scoreless pitches in 8 innings, and Kim Tae-yeon, who celebrated her birthday that day, had 2 hits and 3 RBIs including a home run.

At the end of the first inning, Hanwha succeeded in acquiring the first point with Chae Eun-sung’s timely hit, and drove the momentum to create a chance in the second inning.

Leading batsman Moon Hyun-bin hit Lee Min-ho’s second pitch and reached base with a hit, and ninth batter Lee Do-yoon entered the at-bat with the first base unscathed.

Lee Do-yoon let go of opponent starter Lee Min-ho’s first pitch strike, then lowered his bat and began to bunt.

Lee Min-ho’s 140km fastball flew toward Lee Do-yoon’s face, who was in a bunt stance.

It was a terrifying moment. Lee Do-yun, who was in a bunt stance, brought the bat without a chance to avoid the pitch that flew into his face and succeeded in centering the ball.

Lee Do-yoon was startled and fell backwards. Even in the state of falling, the gaze was directed in the direction of the ball.

It was Dan Bunt unconsciously, but the course was exquisite. Lee Do-yoon’s bunt rolled on a course that was as good as the batted ball he made, and succeeded in sending Moon Hyun-bin safely to second base.

Opponent catcher Heo Do-hwan tapped Lee Do-yoon’s buttock with a mitt, who must have been embarrassed by the pitch that flew into his face, and asked, “Are you okay?” Lee Do-yoon, who succeeded in bunting, was also confused for a moment as if he was bewildered.

The dugout applauded Lee Do-yoon, who succeeded in making a sacrifice bunt.

The images of director Choi Won-ho and coach Kim Jeong-min smiling happily at Lee Do-yoon, who came back with a brave bunt, were captured on relay cameras.

Hanwha succeeded in scoring an additional run with Lee Jin-young’s left-middle double in the ensuing 1-out 2nd base chance, and Kim Tae-yeon’s 2-run home run to the left broke out and succeeded in overcoming the baseline by scoring 3 runs only in the 2nd inning. After that, in the bottom of the 8th inning, Kim Tae-yeon and Roh Si-hwan scored consecutive push walks with one run and bases loaded, adding 2 points to score the 7th run of the game.스포츠토토

Lee Do-yoon’s bunt, which was active as a murderer, and Lee Do-yoon’s ability to carry out operations, who succeeded in bunt by matching the ball to the bat without fear, shone.

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