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“The lower body is Son Heung-min”… Recognized by De Bruyne as the best in the world

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, considered the world’s best midfielder, chose Son Heung-min as part of his ‘perfect combination of soccer players’.

On the 15th (Korean time), De Bruyne selected Son Heung-min’s lower body in the ‘Perfect Combination’ conducted by Sky Sports in England on representative players of the English Premier League. Sky Sports asked players representing the Premier League to create a ‘perfect soccer player combination’ with three parts: the lower body, torso, and head.

De Bruyne said about Son Heung-min’s lower body, saying, “He is a perfect two-foot

Son Heung-min has a reputation as the best player in the world who카지노 uses both feet well. Of his 106 Premier League goals, 59 have been scored with his right foot and 43 with his left foot.

Last May, the British newspaper The Athletic highlighted Son Heung-min as “the top scorer with both feet in the Premier League.” Former coach Antonio Conte once said, “I asked Son Heung-min whether he preferred his right foot or his left foot,” and Van Derk Vaart, a former Dutch national team player who played for Tottenham, also said, “I think even Son Heung-min doesn’t know which footman he prefers.” He praised them, saying, “It seems like they don’t know it.”

Son Heung-min and De Bruyne first met in the German Bundesliga. Son Heung-min played for Hamburg and Leverkusen, while De Bruyne played for Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg. After a match in the 22nd round of the Bundesliga in February 2015, the two players were caught on camera chang

Afterwards, De Bruyne moved to Manchester City and Son Heung-min moved to Tottenham, leading to a connection to the English Premier League. Son Heung-min and De Bruyne showed a close relationship by talking during every game. There was also a scene where De Bruyne helped Son Heung-min up when he fell. The British HITC also covered the relationship between the two players, saying, “De Bruyne and Son Heung-min showed quite a deep friendship. The two often hugged when Manchester City and Tottenham played head-to-head.”

De Bruyne continued to complete the ‘perfect combination’ with the body of Thomas Partey (Arsenal) and the head of Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool).Son Heung-min’s teammate Richarlison, who attended the survey, attracted attention with his self-praise. His lower body, body, and even his head were all counted as himself.

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