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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


The main pitchers who went down to the 2nd team… Bullpen ace Yun Dae-gyeong, first team call-up imminent, selection preparation Nam Ji-min has recently declined

Right-hander Han Seung-joo (22), a fourth-year high school graduate of the Hanwha Eagles, will soon be pitching as a starting pitcher. Against the Lotte Giants on the 14th, where starting pitcher Min-Woo Kim threw 1 inning and was suddenly defeated, Seung-Joo Han earned his first win in his debut with a good pitching of 3⅓ innings, 1 hit and no runs. He pitched reliably against 12 batters, walking one and striking out five. After recording scoreless runs in ⅔ innings the previous day, Kim Min-woo gained trust in an emergency situation when he was replaced due to shoulder pain.

Director Choi Won-ho said, “Looking at Min-woo Kim’s condition, I think he will take a break for a term. I went for a long time with Han Seung-ju in mind as the next starter, and he was in really good shape.”

Two of the three players who started the season as a starter are not good. Jang Min-jae is staying at Future Steam for rest and reorganization, and Kim Min-woo has shoulder pain. “Plan B” is inevitable.

However, the first candidate for selection was Nam Ji-min, not Han Seung-joo.

Last year as a starter, he threw consistently, and he has experience as a starter this year as well. Foreign pitcher Birch Smith entered the rotation as a substitute starter as he was out of power after starting the opening game. On April 22, against the LG Twins, he pitched 6 innings and 2 runs.

However, the stability is poor. The mouth was jagged. With the addition of new foreign pitcher Ricardo Sanchez, he went down to the Futures team on May 12 for reorganization. He prepared for a first-team call-up by throwing as a starter.

Nam Ji-min gave up 1 run in 1 inning against the Lotte Giants at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae on June 14. The content of the game was not good. He faced eight and took three hits, giving up one walk and one walk. A club official said, “Recently, the pitch has fallen. I think we need to prepare a little more.”

Earlier, on June 2, he started against the Samsung Lions and allowed 4 hits, 4 walks and 3 runs in 5 innings. Against the LG Twins on May 26, he allowed 6 hits and 1 run in 6 innings, and on May 17 against Sangmu, he allowed 3 runs, 3 hits and 4 walks in 5 innings.

It’s been over a month since he went down to Future Steam.

Nam Ji-min is the 2020 rookie in the 2nd round, and Han Seung-joo is the 2nd 2nd round designated player.스포츠토토

“Bullpen ace” Yoon Dae-kyung (29) was excluded from the first team on June 2nd. Shoulder pain occurred during the catch ball before the game. He wasn’t seriously injured and needed a break.

Yoon Dae-gyeong, who played a big role in starting and saving last year, is a key reliever this year. He pitched in 19 games and pitched 21⅓ innings. He had a 1.27 earned run average with 2 wins and 1 hold. He started the season in the Futures League and entered the first team on April 9th. After gaining trust by taking the mound in a backward situation, he took on the role of Pil Seung-jo.

Immediately after Yoon Dae-gyeong’s registration with the first team was canceled, coach Choi Won-ho said, “It will be difficult to return to the first team after 10 days, and it will be okay after about two weeks.”

An official from the club said, “Yoon Dae-kyung will join the first team soon.”

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