Thursday, 28th September 2023

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The number of graduates taking the CSAT this year is the highest in 27 years.

Three out of 10 students who took the College Scholastic Ability Test this year were graduates, the highest number in 27 years.

It appears that so-called N-students flocked to the college entrance exam in anticipation of an easy college entrance exam, but there are also predictions that graduates will not have an advantage.

Reporter Kim Hyun-ah reports.

Of the 10 people who applied for the 2024 College Scholastic Ability Test to be held on November 16, three were counted as graduates, so-called N students.

The total number of applicants was 504,500, with the number of enrolled students decreasing but the number of graduates increasing, accounting for 31.7%.

This is the first time since the 1997 CSAT that the percentage of N students exceeded 30%.

[Lee Man-gi / Director of Uway Educational Evaluation Research Institute: I was thinking of retaking the exam and going to the university of my choice, and since there were no killer questions, I thought it would be worth a try

. With a large number of N-students expected먹튀검증 to take the CSAT, fierce competition is expected from the rolling application to the main exam.

However, considering that killer questions are advantageous to students who have repeatedly solved extremely difficult questions at academies, it is difficult to see that the exclusion of killer questions itself is advantageous to N students.

As the invasion of liberal arts majors and the phenomenon of advantages and disadvantages in elective subjects solidified, the proportion of math and calculus electives, which were mainly taken by science students, exceeded probability and statistics for the first time.

The proportion of students selecting scientific inquiry was also high at 47.8%, and in particular, the number of test takers for Overexploration II, which emerged as a major variable at the top with a standard conversion score of up to 98 points in the June mock test, increased.

[Lim Seong-ho / CEO of Jongno Academy: Competition in the medical field is likely to become fiercer, and semiconductor and cutting-edge departments are also likely to attract a lot of applicants.” In this CSAT, there are extremely difficult questions with a correct answer rate of less than 10%

. It is expected that the number of questions ranging from 30% to 60 % will increase significantly.

Experts analyzed that it is better to provide stable support for rolling admissions when applications are accepted, as there is a greater possibility that scores will be concentrated in the top and upper ranks of the CSAT.

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