Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


The reason Turnhagh wants more… “Man Utd lost to Newcastle midfield”

There is a reason Manchester United manager Eric Turnhach cannot give up on Frankie The Yong (Barcelona).

England’s Manchester Evening News shared a picture on the 4th (Korean time), saying, “The reason why Turnhagh still wants The Yong.”

It was an indicator that the midfield combination of Bruno Fernandes, Scott McTominay and Marcel Sabitzer was sluggish against Newcastle United.

Manchester United lost 0-2 away from Newcastle on the 3rd. The score difference was two goals, but looking at the content of the game, it was not strange at all even if more goals were conceded.

While Manchester United allowed a whopping 22 shots, they only attempted 6 shots. There was only one effective shot.

The midfield of Bruno, McTominay and Sabitzer was completely defeated by Newcastle’s midfield of Sean Longstaff, Bruno Guimaraes and Joe Willock.

While the Newcastle midfielder recorded 155 touches, the Manchester United midfielder took 149 touches. In terms of ball possession, Newcastle had 23, while United only had 16.

The ball competition was also behind Newcastle 22-15. The number of shots was 9 to 1, and the ball touch in the opponent’s box was also significantly behind at 13 to 5.

The media said,카지노 “The match against Newcastle clearly shows why Turnhach wanted The Yong so desperately and continues to want it.” He was one of the best Barcelona players.”

“The Yong recorded 69 ball touches alone in that game. That’s almost half of what three Manchester United midfielders recorded in the match against Newcastle,” he said.

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