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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


“There is no problem with insurance ghostwriting”…Financial Supervisory Service is only behind

Victims admit that they made the mistake of not examining the insurance terms and conditions carefully, but claim that there is a problem with the contract.

This is because ghostwritten signatures have been confirmed on some insurance contracts.

I filed a complaint with the Financial Supervisory Service several times, but nothing changed.

Next is reporter Jihwan.

Among the 26 Hanwha life insurance cases that his wife signed up for, Mr. A said that ghostwriting was suspected in 9 cases.

As a result of requesting a handwriting appraisal to a document appraiser, he received an expert opinion that it is estimated that it is not the same person’s handwriting.

[Mr. A / Insurance victim: There are many insurances with different signatures, and in the case of variable insurance, even during civil complaint counseling at the Financial Supervisory Service, a questionnaire on the principle of conformity or a fake signature explains that the contract is fundamentally invalid. Because I heard… ]

Mr. B, who paid nearly 400 million won for insurance over 10 years, does not even remember signing, and there are numerous insurances suspected of ghostwriting.

Based on this, Mr. A and Mr. B requested cancellation of the insurance contract with Hanwha Life Insurance and Shinhan Life Insurance, respectively.

But the insurance company said there was no problem.

[Shinhan Life Insurance Company Relations: There is a problem only when the policyholder and insured who take death as collateral are different. If the policyholder and insured are the same, the legal effect of the signed part is not important.

] , but the same.

The answer came back saying that three months, the period during which the insurance contract could be canceled, had passed, and to go to the court먹튀검증.

[Mr. A/Insurance Victim: I believed in the Financial Supervisory Service. Hanwha Life says it’s self-investigation, so they cover it up, but even the Financial Supervisory Service gave this reply giving them an exoneration


Illegal acts by insurance planners are also a problem, but the insurance company that neglected them is also responsible.

[Kim Da-jeong / Attorney: When a financial product sales agent or broker causes damage to a consumer due to an illegal act, that part (insurance company) is also required to compensate for the damage. In the process, the company must prove that the company has fulfilled its responsibility or duty of care, and if that part is insufficient, the company may also be held jointly responsible.] Designers do not sufficiently explain product information or precautions

. Failure to do so is called insurance underselling.

Incomplete sales are decreasing every year, but the number of damages is still not small.

A total of 138,000 cases of insurance incomplete sales recognized as damages over the five years from 2017 to last year.

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