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‘This is the Ace’ Keller, 7 consecutive losses → shutout → 4 consecutive losses → 13K show’

Mitch Keller (27, Pittsburgh Pirates), who took the lead in escaping the team’s 7-game losing streak with a shutout, this time led the team to 4-game losing streak with 13 strikeouts.

Pittsburgh had an away game against the Baltimore Orioles on the 15th (Korean time) at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Keller, who started as the starting pitcher for Pittsburgh that day, threw 93 pitches (70 strikes) in 7 innings, striking out 13 with 4 hits and no runs.

This is the most strikeouts in a single game in his personal career. Pittsburgh escaped its recent four-game losing streak by winning 4-0 with Keller’s perfect pitching.

As a result, Keller pitched 56 2/3 innings in nine games for the season, posting a 5-1 record with a 2.38 ERA. Strikeouts are 69.

Keller’s presence in Pittsburgh is extraordinary. Keller saved the team from a seven-game losing streak with a shutout against the Colorado Rockies on the 9th.

This time, he saved the team from a 4-game losing streak with 13 strikeouts. It clearly showed what an ace looks like to break a losing streak.토토사이트

There was also Bae Ji-hwan’s help here. Bae Ji-hwan hit a timely hit with two RBIs in the third inning, leading 2-0, making it 4-0. This timely hit would have lightened Keller’s shoulders.

In addition, Colin Holderman and David Bedner, who were in charge of the 8th and 9th innings, each allowed one scoreless inning regardless of holds or saves.

Pittsburgh once looked very good with seven straight wins, but recently has won only two games with Keller. After 7 consecutive losses, he shutout and won again after 4 consecutive losses.

Pittsburgh, which escaped from a losing streak amid the ace’s struggle, will now play away games against the Detroit Tigers on the 17th and 18th.

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