Thursday, 28th September 2023

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“Three new swords to avoid going to the army”… Professional volleyball player Jae-seong Cho’s first trial for corruption in military service with epilepsy

The first trial of OK Financial Group player Jo Jae-seong (28), who is accused of evading military service by means of a ‘false epilepsy diagnosis’, will be held on the 19th.

At 10:00 a.m. on the same day, Seoul Southern District Court Criminal 9th ​​Criminal Judge Yoon-hee Kim will hold the first trial of Mr. Cho, who is accused of violating the Military Service Act.

According to the indictment received by Congressman Sang-beom Yoo from the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Cho is accused of evading military service by conspiring with broker Mr. Gu (47) to pretend to be an epileptic patient and receive a 4th grade supplemental service in physical examination.

At the time of the first physical examination in October 2014, Mr. Cho was judged as a first-class active duty officer. However, in 2018, it was revealed that he delayed his enlistment because he was judged for active duty at the third level due to a skin disease (psoriasis).

Afterwards, in December 2020, Mr. Cho handed 50 million won to Mr. Goo and received counseling on how to avoid military service, and then was diagnosed with fake epilepsy, and was judged as a 4th grade supplementary station.

Previously, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office and the Military Manpower Administration’s joint investigation team caught a total of 137 people, including 109 military service evaders, 5 public officials, 21 accomplices, and 2 military service brokers, who tried to evade military service by using the “epilepsy camouflage” technique and put them on trial.

From September 2019 to November of last year, Mr. Gu was found to have received 1,383.87 million won by falsely faking conscription and epilepsy symptoms, receiving a false diagnosis from a medical institution and helping him submit it to the Military Manpower Administration.

In December of last year,스포츠토토 Mr. Cho said on his social network service (SNS), “I have been postponing my enlistment with the mindset of playing for one more season and one more season.”

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