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Tottenham send Kane and seek AS Roma striker from Chelsea worth 67 billion won

 Italian Serie A AS Roma are said to be putting Tammy Abraham for sale at the end of this season. There were reports that several teams in the EPL were eyeing Abraham.

The Daily Mail is interested in Abraham, who has been put up for sale by Paris Saint-Germain and AS Roma, as well as Manchester United and Tottenham in the English Premier League on the 5th. His ransom was reported to be £40 million.

Abraham performed brilliantly in the first year after moving to AS Roma. In the 2021–22 season he scored 27 goals in 53 matches, attracting the attention of several European clubs, including Manchester United.

However, Abraham’s form has declined this season. He has scored just nine goals all season and the club are said to be willing to let him go,

AS Roma brought him from Chelsea in 2021 for around £35m. He is now set to receive £39.5 million if sold.

Abraham once confessed that the reason for his poor performance this season was “a lack of confidence.” “This season I know I’m not who I am and I know I haven’t done the best I could, but in the end I’m human,” Abraham said. I honestly confessed that there are sluggish seasons because I am also a human being.

The last of Abraham’s nine goals this season came against AC Milan at the end of last month. The media reported that this goal attracted the attention of several European clubs.

Scouts from Manchester United, Tottenham and PSG observed Abraham’s form on the field and expressed interest. Abraham himself said that he had many thoughts about returning to the Premier League after two years of living abroad.

Among them, Manchester United is the most frequently interested team. The media explained that the reason Manchester United is targeting Abraham is because they consider him an alternative to Harry Kane.

Right now, United are struggling with Marcus Rashford alone and are looking for a new number 9 to ease him a bit away from scoring responsibilities next season. Harry Kane is number one. And United are also interested in Serie A star Napoli’s Victor Osiman. However, because the transfer fee is enormous, they are interested in Abraham, who has good cost-effectiveness.

Chelsea may also bring Abraham back as they have a buyback option when they send him to Roma. However, it is not easy for Chelsea to bring back Chelsea, which has to reduce club costs, as Chelsea is £70.3 million for a buyback cost.안전놀이터

Tottenham also say that if Harry Kane transfers to Manchester United or another club, Abraham is considered one of the most suitable people to fill his place.

In addition, Aston Villa, which Abraham spent on loan during the 2018-19 season, is also considering signing Abraham if he competes in the Europa League next year.

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